The Greatest Tips To Build A Six-Pack Abs!

The Greatest Tips To Build A Six-Pack Abs!

Everyone wants to know how to get six-pack abs that look like a washboard. The whole world seems obsessed with getting a smaller waistline and with good reason. Over 1/3 of all children are overweight, the number one killer is heart disease and there is more stress in the world right now than most of us can handle on a daily basis. Chances are if you aren’t out of work, then you are worried about the next paycheck. If you own a business, then you worry about the market or the prospect of new clients coming in the door. It all adds up …

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2020 Plan For Fat Loss And Muscle Building- Get Lean Now!

Plan For Fat Loss And Muscle Building

Will this year going to be another year of unfulfilled resolutions? Promises you make to yourself, but never keep? It’s time to put yourself first and succeed in your fat loss efforts. Many people see setting up a diet and nutrition plan as a daunting task to be avoided. After setting up your program and being consistent for a week or two, you’ll see how quickly you adapt and won’t need to reference scales, notes, or other tools to aid you in sticking to your program. It’s not too much work, very small efforts lead to small results, consistent, moderate …

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Lifting Weights Vs Working Muscles! Pros Exposed.

Lifting Weights Vs Working Muscles

“Go heavy or go home.” Everyone knows this phrase who’s been lifting for more than a month and has picked up a magazine or two. Everyone goes on about how training heavy is the name of the game, and doing anything but going as heavy as possible is a waste of time. But what does that really mean? The Two Kinds Of Heavy Now, in my personal opinion, there are two kinds of heavy, personal heavy and general heavy. Ronnie Coleman deadlifting 800 lbs for two reps is generally considered heavy by anyone you’d meet. Same with his 200 lb dumbbell incline …

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Muscle Building Protocols: The Dynamics Of Recovery


For a serious athlete, each competitive season is a continuous struggle to become stronger and faster than the previous one. At the top of any sport, the best competitors are separated by the smallest of margins. It is your responsibility to find those small things that can separate you from the best! For me, a few small things turned out to be a few huge things. Understanding the dynamics of recovery is important for every athlete. I have been called a classic over-trainer many times in the past. I never really understood the comment. I knew that I trained very …

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Carbohydrates For Muscle Growth!

Carbohydrates For Muscle Growth!

Although I’ve always labeled myself as a protein/amino acid guy, I didn’t realize that this had actually turned me into a bit of an anti-carbohydrates guy. And as one who practices what he preaches, I began dropping my carbohydrates on a regular basis. Even the sacred post-workout window, which is a myth for everything but glycogen restoration, was not immune to my carbophobia. This all seemed to be quite justified, after all, resistance training generally doesn’t deplete muscle glycogen more than ~40%, so we don’t need the high doses of carbohydrates. Further, even taking advantage of that post-workout window for glycogen doesn’t mean that we’re …

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Transform Into The Ab-Dominator: Six Pack Abs For Everyone!

six pack abs

Ab-What is this guy talking about? Yeah, you read right; that’s not a typo and your computer is running perfectly. I know you all have had this problem. One morning you get ready for a shower, peel off your shirt, and gaze at the nearest mirror and BAM! Automatic frown. Taking a look down at a tummy with a rather large spherical shape surrounding what is supposed to be your abdominal cavity isn’t a pleasant way to kick off your day. Hey don’t fret – at one point it happens to us all and there is nothing to be ashamed …

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My Best Routine For Producing Crazy Muscle Gains

muscle gains

I’m back, and this time around I will share with you my current routine. Ever since my introduction to weight training, I have experimented with a multitude of rep ranges. In my experience, I have discovered that less is more in gaining strength and size. I know a lot of lifters who completely change their training when in contest prep. They opt for the higher reps while resting less. I don’t agree with this. When preparing for a Contest, I did cut my rest time back just a little bit, but I still trained in the 5-8 rep range for …

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Resistance Training And Rest Periods – New Research Could Mean You Building More Muscle!

Resistance Training And Rest Periods

There is a lot of information out there about the best way to gain muscle mass. It can be confusing. I decided to look for the best information I could find in articles from scientific journals. Here is what I came up with. Resistance Training And Hypertrophy Studies have shown that high volume resistance training incorporating short inter-set rest periods produces significant short-term elevations in human growth hormone (HGH) following the completion of resistance training exercise 4,5,7. Based upon these studies, high volume/short rest resistance training has been accepted as the gold standard in resistance training for muscular hypertrophy. Unfortunately, despite HGH’s well …

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Building Muscle 24 Hours Per Day In 2020! Is That Possible?

muscle building

Hi Guys, I’ve been getting involved in some of the discussions on fitness and bodybuilding forums since 15 years ago. One of the things that comes up more often than not is the question of what to have before bed to keep the “Anabolic Drive” going all night. Well, to be quite honest, there isn’t anything that is going to last the 8-10 hours you’re asleep. It only takes roughly 4 hours for your body to slip into a post-absorptive (catabolic) state. I believe that I’ve come up with a simple technique that is not only effective and potent but …

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Spark New Growth Strength Training Program!

absolute strength

Try something different this year that will sustain your interest until you master it. The following workout is great for absolute strength, power, and it might spark some new muscular growth. The Best 9 Exercises To Explode Your Absolute Strength Behind the Neck Power Jerk/Split Style Jerk The first two reps are Power Jerks while the third rep is a Split Style Jerk. Begin the exercise by holding the bar behind the neck while the arms support the bar with a wide grip. Now, dip in the knees 4-6 inches while the back remains relatively straight. The back of the …

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