Weight Watchers 2019: Review of a weight loss program

Time for a review of another weight loss program – Weight Watchers. This is one of the world’s biggest weight loss programs and has quite a loyal following. This post will look at the cost, the program, the success/failure and more.

Weight Watchers Basics

Weight watchers is famous for its more “normal” approach to weight loss. It has long term goals that aim to keep you healthy while you lose weight as well as teaching you how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Weight Watchers has many products and services and is one of the more complete weight loss programs on the market today.

Weight Watchers Excellent Support

One of the features that appeal to many women is that all the trainers that Weight Watchers use are people who have lost weight using Weight Watchers and are now trying to help others do the same. This is an excellent support idea as it makes communication between client and trainer much easier and will probably make the advice they give much more acceptable to your ears.

It is important to note that Weight Watchers originally was started as a large meeting group that met to discuss weight loss issues and strategies. This feeling of support and team environment has stuck with the program as it evolved and is a big positive in my books.

Weight Watchers Products

Like most other big weight loss program companies, Weight Watchers has diversified away from just the simple “at home” style of weight loss program. They now offer a few more services:

  • Online Weight Loss
  • Weight Watchers for Men
  • Weight Watchers Meetings
  • eTools

Each one of these contains a myriad of support with big packages that are sent out to you.

Weight Watchers Weight Loss Strategy

Weight Watchers goes by the classic style of weight loss whereby everything one eats is assigned a number of points. Each day you are allowed to consume a certain number of points. By doing this you are allowed to eat whatever you like as long as you come in under this number of points.

For obvious reasons, this system has been criticized as it can allow for some healthy foods to be replaced by not so healthy foods by merely worrying about how many points it has as opposed to its nutrient value. However, Weight Watchers assures us that this aspect is factored into their points system.

Exercise is also given a negative amount of points so that for each amount of exercise you do you can take off a number of points thus showing how much you can eat for that day or how much weight you should lose.

Benefits of the Point System

This type of weight loss seems to me to be like a systematic and more advanced version of calorie counting. For this reason, it will appeal to many women who need a more structured approach to their weight loss.

While I am an advocate of getting healthy as opposed to just losing weight, the focus that the point system gives you will be an advantage for many. This is particularly true for women who either aren’t sure whether foods are good or bad for weight loss or those who struggle to control their cravings. The weight watchers point system can provide the strength of mind.

Other Weight Watchers Strategies?

So, do weight watchers have other weight loss strategies. Well, due to the recent popularity of the Atkins Diet and other similar diets, Weight Watchers developed a more “food orientated” approach as opposed to a “point orientated” approach.

The reasons for this were mainly marketing as far as I can tell and add little to the success of the program. Weight Watchers knew that people were becoming aware of the weight loss benefits of high protein, low carb diets and as such felt that they needed to move into that area of the market. So, one of the options available now is based around “eating until satisfied, not full” of certain foods and drinks.

Is Weight Watchers Expensive?

This is the big question on everyone’s mind! The cost of Weight Watchers is a lot more reasonable than some other weight loss programs around at the moment. However, group meetings can become expensive if you miss your original date and need to re-book.

Final Thoughts
Overall I would give this program a big tick for its moderate approach as well as being quite scientific and structured. I am a big fan of weight loss programs that empower women to do their own work once they have received the initial support that they need.


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