Intelligent Training: How To Train Intelligently!

Intelligent training

When I began Bodybuilding my chest was 38″ and arms 111/2″ but now? Chest 421/2″ and arms 14″. I got this huge gain using what I call “Intelli-Training” or Intelligent Training. You’ve probably come across hundreds of training articles and tips which leave you nowhere after you have read and implemented them. The fact is they are effective; every training method prescribed is effective. Well, they have been so, for the person who prescribed it to you! Then why don’t they work on you? Well, you need to understand that bodybuilding is more of an art than of science. Science …

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How To Boost Strength In The Bench Press, Deadlift And Squat

bench press

Suppose you wish to excel in a specific exercise or increase your strength, like in the bench press. First, begin by changing your thinking that the bench press always must be first in your workout. To increase your bench press, follow this simple 10-week routine. Weeks Routine to Follow 1 – 4 Start with incline bench presses followed by bench presses. Finish your chest routine with an isolated movement like dumbbell flyes. 5 Do bench presses first to monitor your progress, then inclines and flyes. 6 and 7 Begin with flyes to isolate your chest, then inclines, and finally bench …

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Creatine Absorption – How Creatine Really Works?


A world-class lifting friend of mine had a very significant “occurrence” with creatine once. He was trying to mix creatine with phosphorous, to make phosphocreatine, which is what the body uses to make massive gains in endurance and size. He found the creatine, but went to a veterinarian-grade magazine and bought 2 kilos of phosphorus. A few weeks later he was in my clinic, complaining about extreme stomachaches. I explained to him that he wasn’t a horse, in spite of his desire to eat and act like one; that he remained a human and that he was basically eating soap. …

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Condensed Training – Build Massive Gains In Size And Strength

condensed training

Save time and needed energy with condensed training. Take a lesson from some top salespeople and learn how to condense time and achieve the strength and physique of your dreams with condensed training. I spent several years in the business world before becoming a strength coach and one thing that I learned early on is the power of condensing time. Here is how it works, let’s use the example of making sales calls. Let’s say for every ten sales calls you make, you make one sale. With those statistics, you will make ten sales every ten days if you make …

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