Prime Male Reviews – Dolph Lundgren Is Using It, What About You?

I’ve always enjoyed sex but recently, I had an issue. Everything functioned in the downstairs department, but my enthusiasm to get frisky had disappeared. Furthermore, this lethargy was mirrored in my daily routine. Work, hobbies, and family, my passion for life was declining. I needed to take action, for me, and my loved ones. A chance conversation with a buddy led me to testosterone boosters, and they turned my life around. A few pills per day restored my sex drive, energy, and vigor. This article examines one such example. This no-holds-barred Prime Male review reveals how this supplement works, what it contains, and whether it delivers results.

What Is Prime Male?


Let’s deal with the basics first in this Prime Male review. This supplement is a testosterone booster. As such, it’s formulated to elevate T-levels, naturally. And that’s important. Unlike some TRTs (testosterone replacement therapies) such as hypodermic injections and patches, these supplements don’t introduce exogenous testosterone into your body. A process that, in some circumstances, can cause unwanted side effects such as insomnia, excess red blood cell production, heart disease, and hypogonadism. Instead, its formulation contains compounds that work synergistically with the male body to heighten testosterone levels. Available without a prescription, Prime Male is suitable for all men looking to raise their testosterone count to restore libido, strength, and energy. That being said, this supplement is specifically designed for men in their 30s and older, aiming to address the key health issues that older males encounter. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The physiological process is backed by science, which I will now address in this Prime Male review.

How Prime Male Works?

Unlike some testosterone boosters, which often utilize only one method of elevating T-levels, Prime Male targets three separate areas.

  • Boosting the production of LH (luteinizing hormone), released by the pituitary gland, LH stimulates the testes into creating testosterone.
  • Inhibiting SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin), can bind to testosterone rendering it ineffective.
  • Controlling estrogen, too much of the female hormone can restrict the power of testosterone, encourage man-breasts (gynecomastia), and lead to abdominal weight gain.

I know what you’re thinking while reading this Prime Male review, what difference does this make to me, and what are the downsides? Let me tell you.

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Pros Of Boosting Testosterone

  • Raising libido and sexual performance.
  • Increasing bone strength.
  • Heightening energy and vitality.
  • Improving erections.
  • Inhibiting fat gain.
  • Elevating muscle gain and strength.

Cons Of Boosting Testosterone

  • An insatiable sexual desire.
  • Energy levels which you may find hard to ignore.
  • Jealousy from guys envious of your sexual stamina and strength.

Prime Male Ingredients

The formulation is the powerhouse behind a testosterone supplement. Without scientifically proven ingredients, the supplement will be no better than a placebo. Let me use this section of this Prime Male Review to give you the lowdown on its vital compounds.

D-Aspartic Acid: 1600mg

Thought by many experts to be the ultimate testosterone booster. This amino acid both elevates T-production and also improves sperm fertility and quality.

Asian Red Ginseng: 120 Mg

I probably don’t have to tell you in this Prime Male Review that this compound is a familiar aphrodisiac. However, additionally, research illustrates that it heightens free testosterone levels and can increase the health of your sperm.

Luteolin: 60 Mg

A flavonoid found naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables. Studies show that it can inhibit estrogen production.

Mucuna Pruriens: 300mg

Experts explain that this African plant, sometimes known as Velvet Bean, can both raise fertility and heighten T-creation. However, for clarity in this Prime Male review, I need to stress that this was with a daily dose of 5000 mg, not the 300 mg included in Prime Male.

Nettle Root: 160 Mg

This extract binds to SHBG, preventing it from tying up testosterone and restricting its efficacy.

Bioperine: 10 Mg

I’m pleased to report in this Prime Male review that this supplement includes the all-important Bioperine. It’s an extract from black pepper, increasing the bioavailability of the other compounds in the supplement, and raising their power.

Boron: 5 Mg

A mineral that studies illustrate reduces inflammation and restricts the production of SHBG, therefore elevating free testosterone count.

Vitamin D3 5000 IU: (833 % Of Daily Value)

Under clinical conditions, this fat-soluble vitamin has shown remarkable T-boosting properties.

Vitamin B6 7.5 Mg (577 % Of Daily Value)

I need to stress in this Prime Male review, that vitamin B6 is one of the critical compounds you should look for in an efficacious T-booster. While it doesn’t heighten testosterone production directly, research explains that it increases the hormone’s power to raise libido, boost energy, and elevate strength.

Magnesium 100 Mg (24 % Of Daily Value)

A mineral that heightens T-production, an effect that’s amplified when you combine consumption with exercise.

Zinc 30 Mg (273 % Of Daily Value)

I’ll finish this Prime Male review of the ingredients by stating that zinc is one of the most powerful and effective T-raising compounds known.

What Does Prime Male Promise?

So, we’ve seen in this Prime Male review that the ingredients are backed by science in elevating testosterone, but what do the manufacturers say about the product? Roar Ambition, the respected nutritionists behind Prime Male, indicate that this supplement will:

Build Lean Muscle

As we age, our muscle mass declines. An elevated T-count stimulates muscle protein synthesis boosting growth. You can heighten this effect further by combining it with resistance exercise.

Increase Sex Drive

One of the bad aspects of getting older is that our natural testosterone production falls. Since this male hormone is directly related to our libido, this suffers too, meaning we lose interest in bedroom activities. Using Prime Male can reignite our sexual passion.

Improve Weight Loss

Middle-aged spread can ruin our self-confidence. One of the more remarkable facts in this Prime Male review is that by raising T-levels, fat loss increases. Research illustrates that the male hormone boosts lipolysis (fat-breakdown) making you look and feel fantastic.

Boost Cardiovascular Health

Falling testosterone levels are known to be a contributing factor to cardiovascular issues in men. Using Prime Male can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in males.

Increase Energy

At the beginning of this Prime Male review, I indicated falling libido and loss of energy were the two contributing factors that led me to testosterone boosters. Prime Male can restore vigor, providing benefits in and out of the bedroom.

Improve Mood

Elevated libido, increased vitality, and loss of fat boost self-confidence.

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How Long Before I See Results With Prime Male?

Prime male

We’ve already seen in this Prime Male review that this supplement can work. But, the question remains, how long does it take to see results? This varies from guy to guy. Each of us will already have existing differences in our testosterone levels. If your T-count is already very low, the chances are you will begin to see returns faster than those with higher male hormone levels. However, here’s the general timeframe that you can expect: Weeks 1-2: The first change you will notice is that your energy levels begin to rise. Weeks 3-4: Slowly and steadily, your sex drive elevates. Weeks 5-6: Muscle mass and overall body strength receive a boost, amplified even further when combined with exercise and weightlifting. Weeks 7-8: The pounds start to drop off, raising self-confidence and increasing definition. Week 9-10: Your sex drive is insatiable, and you begin to notice firmer erections and elevated stamina. Week 11-12: You feel like a new man, highly sexual, revitalized, and ready to take on the world.

Is Prime Male Safe To Use?

Yes. With Prime Male, you are taking a supplement that many men have used successfully, with little-to-no adverse issues. Always ensure that you follow the dosage instructions on the label, both to receive the optimum results and don’t over-consume. The manufacturers recommend taking one capsule four times per day. They suggest that this is ideally done at the hours of 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm. Additionally, you can consume alcohol while using this testosterone booster. But, don’t go overboard buddy! There’s one quick warning I want to give you in this Prime Male review, research shows that excessive alcohol intake can suppress T-production by up to 23 percent.

Prime Male Side Effects

As illustrated above in this Prime Male review, it’s safe. As a 100 percent natural supplement, you’re unlikely to suffer from any adverse health issues that prescription testosterone treatments can induce. However, many of us can react to even the most innocuous of substances. Although rare, some of the side effects associated with Prime Male use include:

  • Headaches.
  • Stomach upsets.
  • Nausea.

If you do witness these reactions, cease use, consult your doctor, or try lowering the dosage.

Prime Male Complaints

For a completely unbiased Prime Male review, I scoured forums, Reddit, and blogs to discover what users thought about this supplement. I’m happy to report that I found a few negative comments. There were a couple to be fair, one guy found it caused him headaches, while another said that although it did boost his libido, he saw little change in muscle growth. Those reviews apart, the consensus was highly positive. Let me show you what I mean in this Prime Male review by giving you a sample of genuine customer testimonials: “I started using Prime Male to help me increase my sex drive and gain more energy throughout the day, and I was pretty surprised to feel the effects after just two weeks… it’s saved my life and marriage.” -Max “I wanted to raise my testosterone levels, (which were low, very low at 200.) I’ve been using this fantastic product for approximately three months now. I now have the energy, desire, and focus that I previously lacked. My testosterone levels have now grown to 476, according to my most recent blood results. -Charles “I feel much more confident…I am much fitter due to my weight loss. I can also state that it’s definitely has helped improve my sex drive as well.” -Dave “Prime Male has brought back my crow, strut, and cockiness. I feel amazing, and the ladies find me attractive, yes, even the young women.” -Jerry

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How Does It Feel?

You’ve seen in this Prime Male review what other guys think of this testosterone booster, but how did I find the product? To be honest, I was impressed. by the end of the week, I felt the “kick” of elevated energy levels. Followed a couple of weeks later by my returning libido. As my usage continued, both of these aspects continued to rise, boosting my work productivity, lust for life, and interest in bedroom action. Prime Male restored my masculinity and feeling of self-worth.

Prime Male Packaging And Pricing

This wouldn’t be a comprehensive Prime Male review without giving you the price info. Here are the details:

  • One month’s supply $69.00
  • Two months’ supply $138.00
  • Three months’ supply $207.00 (includes one extra bottle free of charge).

My personal advice in this Prime Male review would be to go for the three-month option as:

  • With a free bottle, it dramatically reduces the cost per unit.
  • This means that you are not reordering every month.
  • You’ll never be without your testosterone booster, stopping use may cause those T-levels to drop again.

Where To Buy Prime Male?

If this Prime Male review has made you hungry to try out this product, you can purchase it from the official Prime Male website. In doing so, you’re covered by the manufacturer’s 90-day return guarantee and can receive free delivery in the USA and UK (other destinations may incur a charge). Shipping times may vary, although many users report receiving the product within 5-7 days.

Prime Male Review Final Verdict

Declining testosterone levels, as we age, can lead to a drop in sexual desire, energy, and stamina. But, the best testosterone boosters can turn this around. As seen in this Prime Male review, this supplement contains compounds scientifically proven to restore your youthful desire, exuberance, and vitality. Admittedly, other products perform similarly. However, for packing in the most ingredients, effective doses, and combined with its competitive price, Prime Male is the best choice. The bottom line: If you’re over 30, and want to become a machine in and out of the bedroom, treat yourself to Prime Male.

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