Best Weight Loss Tips For A Proper Weight Loss Program

This week I would like to give everyone some very simple and effective tips to help you burn fat and firm up. Once again it is important to realize that a successful weight loss program should have 3 main components. The three important aspects of getting in shape are:

1 – Proper Nutrition. A nutritional program that avoids the 3 demons: salt, sugar, and fat.

2 – Proper Nutritional Supplements. Nutrients aid in the process of burning fat, maintaining muscle, reducing water retention, and increasing energy.

3 – Proper Exercise. As I have recommended before, you should join a health club and have a professional trainer show you the correct form on all the necessary pieces of equipment. Once you have decided to lose fat and get in shape, you should start by incorporating these three components.

The following are some tips that will also help you along the way:

1.Eat 3 meals and a snack or even 4 meals instead of one big meal. If you choose low fat, low sodium, and low sugar foods, and eat more often then you will speed up your metabolism and lose more fat. You will also be able to sustain your weight loss easier. The majority of people who have become obese have slow metabolisms due to eating only once a day.

2. Purchase “No Salt” items like Enrico’s No Salt Spaghetti sauce and No Salt Salsa as well as No Salt Bread like No Salt Sour Dough Rye and Whole Wheat Bread at a good Health Food Store.

3. Eat Low-Fat Meats such as Extra Lean Ground Turkey Breast and Chicken as a good source of protein. Egg Whites or Egg Beaters are also an excellent protein source.

4. Incorporate 30-45 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise likes cycling, fast pace walking, stair machine, or treadmill. Try to get in at least 3-4 cardiovascular exercise sessions a week.

5. You can exchange your cycling or treadmill with a good aerobics class or a high-energy workout like Step Classes, Boxing Classes, or Spin Classes. (Cycling with a group)

6. Keep a food and activity journal and track everything that you do in your program.

7. Remove the skin before you eat your chicken and only use spices and seasonings that do not have salt added. You can use garlic, paprika, pepper, curry powder, and onion powder as well as dozens of others but do not use garlic salt, onion salt, or high sodium seasonings.

8. Do not eat high sodium bread like bagels and english muffins. Instead, replace those items with no salt bread and no salt pita bread. This alone will make a big difference in your progress.

9. Always keep a drink of ice water by your side so that you drink enough fluids.

10. Try not to keep foods in the house that conflict with your healthy eating regimen.

11. Do not grocery shop when you are hungry. It can cause you to go out of bounds.

12. Exercise at the time of day that is most comfortable for you. Anytime is better than no time!

13. Substitute bowling, miniature golf, or a stroll on the beach for a movie.

14. Be aware that “Fat-Free” does not mean that it is healthy food for your program. Fat-free food is not necessarily low in salt or sugar or even carbohydrates.

15. Learn to read the labels on foods and learn what foods are high in fat, sodium, and sugar.

16. Completely avoid fast food and T.V. dinners. They are loaded with the three demons.

17. Beware of the three demons, which are: Fat, Salt, and Sugar. They are the fat builders!

18. Reward yourself with non-food items: CD’s, clothes, etc. (Husbands are going to kill me for this!)

19. When travelling always choose a hotel with an exercise facility. Then use it every day.

20. Don’t make excuses… You can change the way that you look and feel. You have the option to be physically and mentally strong or allow yourself to be weak and succumb to life’s pitfalls.


I am taking away your excuses. I will guide you through and help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Reading this column and putting the advice to good use will astound you by the results. It works. It’s proven. Just give it a chance.