Instant Knockout Fat Burner Reviews 2022 – Good Or Bad?

Instant knockout fat burner is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about fat burners in the world. 

Made by UK-based Roar Ambition, Instant Knockout made enormous waves when it was launched a few years ago. It quickly became the favorite fat burner of boxers and MMA fighters, partly due to MMA champion Diego Sanchez and legendary trainer Greg Jackson claiming to be huge fans of the product. 

So what does it claim to do? 

How did it get so popular in a short time? 

The official website gives you a very detailed breakdown of what you can expect from using this fat burner: 

  • Major energy boost 
  • Increased motivation and focus 
  • Accelerated metabolism 
  • Rapid fat loss 
  • Suppressed appetite 

These are all things we could ask for from a fat burner. 

Cutting is hard. If a product can safely and reliably give us more energy, a faster rate of fat oxidation, and reduced appetite, then it’s a winner. 

Yet every fat burner on the market claims to do these things. They all say they help reduce appetite or give you a “safe, clean energy boost.” But we know that most of them are full of crap! There are only a dozen fat burners out there seriously worth considering. 

Our job with this Instant Knockout review is to determine whether this product can do these things. 

Does Instant Knockout fat burner work? 

Is it the right fat burner supplement for you?

There’s only one way to find out. Let’s go through the formula together and see if what they say about this supplement is true. Have you tried Instant Knockout? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments!  


Supplement reviews should begin and end with a detailed formula analysis. Here is what the Instant Knockout fat burner formula looks like on the box: 


What a formula! 

This is what we want to see at the back of the box – high quality, purified ingredients, no useless fillers, and generous doses. 

The formula has a good balance of substances; every box is ticked here, and every angle is covered. 

This is probably how we would construct our fat burner, given a chance! Let’s go through the main strengths of this formula and see if there are any ways it can improve.  


  • A great mix of high-quality ingredients 
  • The caffeine dose is spot-on 
  • All boxes ticked 

This is a great fat burner. It has lots of strengths which all complement each other nicely. 

Without a doubt, the main selling point of Instant Knockout fat burner is the fact that every single aspect of a cut has been thought of and dealt with. 

There is something in this formula for every variable that affects how successful your next cutting phase will be. 

For example, each daily serving provides 1800mg of Glucomannan. 

Glucomannan – also known as Konjac Root – is a common cooking ingredient in certain parts of the world. It is usually used as a soup thickener, which is why it is now used in many diet supplements. 

When mixed with water, Glucomannan forms a thick paste. It rapidly absorbs liquids, expanding and growing dense in the process. When you consume Glucomannan, it rapidly expands in your stomach, forming a thick, heavy paste. This makes you feel full, very quickly, for a very long time. 

This is why consuming Glucomannan around meal times is a great way to reduce hunger, prevent over-eating, and make smaller meals much more satisfying. 

In terms of dose, we think 1800mg throughout the day is nigh on perfect. It is enough to make you feel fuller for longer – for a couple of hours after a meal – but not so much that it will cause excessive bloating. 

Consuming 450mg at regular intervals throughout the day is the best way to use this superb natural appetite suppressant. 

If you’re used to eating to build muscle mass, then getting used to smaller meals can be really difficult. A generous dose of Glucomannan can make everything a lot easier.

With appetite taken care of, Instant Knockout then gets to work, ensuring you have more energy to get through the most grueling workouts despite being low on calories. 

It does this by providing 300mg of highly concentrated caffeine anhydrous. 

Caffeine anhydrous is more potent than regular caffeine on a gram-for-gram basis because it has had its water molecules removed. 

We don’t need to show you how powerful caffeine can be for anybody looking to improve athletic performance. Diet or not diet, it can be the gym rat’s best friend. 

Caffeine significantly increases energy levels, reduces the perception of fatigue, and enhances focus. If you have a difficult workout to get through and you’re feeling tired, sluggish, or demotivated, caffeine can be an enormous help. 

On top of that, it reduces appetite, compounding Glucomannan’s effectiveness. 

have found that caffeine consumption immediately before a workout increases fat loss directly – that is, independently of other mechanisms like increased energy or greater focus. While this is a good reason to use caffeine in a fat burner, we think the extra energy and focus it gives you makes the biggest difference to your results. 

Some fat burners contain ridiculous quantities of caffeine, upwards of 500mg daily. This is very risky and completely unnecessary given what the scientific literature has to say. Robust clinical investigations have found that around 200mg of caffeine is sufficient to see drastic increases in alertness, energy, and motivation without causing serious side effects. 

The 300mg we get from Instant Knockout is, in our opinion, absolutely perfect. It’s in the sweet spot of serious power but has a relatively low risk of side effects.   

Then we have the ingredients that increase fat oxidation directly. This is where this fat burner stands out from the crowd. 

Each serving provides a very generous dose of green tea extract – 500mg, to be exact. 

Green tea contains catechin, “EGCG,” which is known to have incredibly powerful fat-burning properties. EGCG seems to increase fat metabolism. It seems to directly stimulate the release of fatty acids from your fat stores. Incredibly, it appears to do this independently of exercise! 

We also get 100mg of green coffee bean extract. 

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans can inhibit fat accumulation in healthy humans. Green coffee bean extract supplementation is correlated with reduced body weight, particularly with a reduction in body fat. There’s some disagreement on the exact mechanism responsible for this. Still, there is good evidence that it has something to do with chlorogenic acid’s ability to aid with blood sugar regulation. 

Complimenting this nicely is chromium. 

Chromium regulates the action of insulin. It makes insulin more efficient, meaning that you can utilize and store the nutrients you consume from food more effectively. This is vitally important while dieting, as you need to get maximum nutrition from significantly fewer calories. It also smooths out blood sugar highs and lows – a massive benefit if you are employing intermittent fasting during your cut. 

Few studies have been done on chromium’s efficacy as a fat burner. However, the ones that have been published are extremely promising. 

We could go on, but we think that’s given you enough flavor for just how comprehensive and well-thought-out this fat burner is. Instant Knockout fat burner provides excellent doses of some of the best natural fat burners. 

The ingredients all work on slightly different aspects of fat loss. The result is far greater than the sum of the parts. 


Honestly, no. We don’t think there’s really any need to make drastic changes to this formula. It is about as good as you can get with what we know about sports nutrition today. 

We could probably increase the dose of cayenne chili powder to ramp up thermogenesis even further. 

We could also add in more green coffee bean extract – it’s well tolerated, so why not, right? 

But this is just splitting hairs for the sake of it. This is a superb formula, no two ways about it. We probably wouldn’t change a thing. 



Just as important as the ingredients are the dosing schedule. 

It’s all very well knowing that you have a great fat burner. But if you don’t know how to use it properly, then you’re not going to get optimal results. 

How you use a fat burner greatly affects what you get out of it. 

Each daily serving of this fat burner comes in 4 capsules. This allows you to take a single 750mg capsule regularly throughout the day. We think this is the most effective and safest way to use fat burners, especially when they contain the ingredients that Instant Knockout does. 

Here is what the daily dosing schedule should look like according to the manufacturer: 

Following this dosing protocol will minimize the risk of side effects, keep you gently energized all day long, and help prevent snacking, over-eating, and hunger pangs round-the-clock. 


There are a lot of seriously dangerous products out there. More so than with other product categories. Many manufacturers stay anonymous and fill their supplements with synthetic stimulants, weight loss drugs, and other nasty substances that will only end up making you sick and weak. 

Some fat burners pose serious health risks, although these tend to be rarer today than they were ten years ago! 

Nowadays, it’s easy to stay relatively safe; shopping from reputable retailers or buying directly from brands that have good reputations and a wide user base can keep you sheltered from the worst products. 

But that doesn’t mean that even those products are 100% safe. All fat burners need to be carefully evaluated before you use them. 

So what about Instant Knockout? Is it safe?   

In our opinion, there is little risk of side effects when using Instant Knockout how it is supposed to be used – that is, taken in 4 small, equal servings throughout the day. 

That is also assuming that you have no pre-existing conditions that might make this product dangerous; intolerance of caffeine, unusual allergies, etc. 

The average, healthy user with a normal caffeine tolerance should experience a few problems while using this fat burner. It is made from all-natural ingredients, each of which has been thoroughly tested and found to be safe for human consumption. 

You need to consider some things before using this product. 

While the average user will have a few problems, some ingredients in Instant Knockout can still cause notable side effects, especially if used improperly. 

The biggest concern is, obviously, the caffeine. 

Caffeine is not to be taken lightly. It is an extremely powerful natural stimulant. Just a few hundred milligrams will have major physiological effects. A shot of espresso contains about 60-90mg of caffeine. Instant Knockout fat burner contains about 90mg per 1/4 serving or 300mg per day. That’s a lot of caffeine by anyone’s measure. 

Consuming large quantities of caffeine will cause side effects that include, including but are not limited to: 

  • Rapid heartbeat 
  • Hypertension 
  • Jitters 
  • Sweating 
  • Anxiety 
  • Irritability 
  • Difficulty concentrating 
  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea 
  • Headaches 

The effects of caffeine overdose can be severe. An acute overdose can be fatal, although these are extremely rare. 

You need to calculate your caffeine intake before adding more through supplements. People get into trouble because they don’t count their baseline intake from tea and coffee, not to mention pre-workout supplements. They end up factoring in just 300mg when their actual intake is closer to 500mg. 

Another side effect risk is Glucomannan. 

Glucomannan expands in the stomach to make you feel fuller for longer. The 1800mg in Instant Knockout fat burner shouldn’t cause many problems, but if some of you are prone to bloating, then it might be uncomfortable. 

If your diet is already high in soluble fiber, then don’t overdo it on the Glucomannan. 

The vast majority of you should be fine though; 1800mg is not excessive for this ingredient. 

If you have any specific health or side effect concerns, it’s worth contacting the manufacturer directly:


You must remember that 1) we are not doctors, and that 2) this is not medical advice. We have absolutely no idea what your medical history, current physical condition, or needs are, so we cannot give tailored safety advice. 

You must get medical advice from a qualified doctor before you use any supplements. Even supplements that appear safe for 99% of people are not necessarily safe for you. Talk to your regular family physician before taking any risks with your health! 


This will be a big decider for a lot of you – will this fat burner show up on a drug test in my jurisdiction? 

You’d be surprised how many “natural” fat burners contain banned substances. 

There are products out there, used by thousands of people, that will have you disqualified from bodybuilding contests and even semi-pro fights in Australia, Canada, the UK, and parts of the US. 

Thankfully, Instant Knockout is not one of those products! 

As you might guess from a supplement endorsed by some of the biggest names in MMA, Instant Knockout is suitable for professional fighters and professional bodybuilders. 

It was designed with boxers, martial artists, and MMA fighters. 

To our knowledge, it doesn’t contain any substances that are banned in any country. 

So don’t worry about failing a test before your first big fight or your next bodybuilding comp – IKO is all-natural and above-board in every jurisdiction we’re familiar with. It was made with professional athletes, so we’d be very surprised if anybody found an issue with it! 


We think it’s best to stick with professional review sites when looking for supplement reviews. User testimonials have limited value; you don’t know how accurate their assessment is; you don’t know what their standards are or what they expected; you can’t be sure that they were using the product right or that there weren’t confounding factors (poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.). 

However, user testimonials can give you a nice idea of what kind of results you can expect from a product. 

If we have hundreds of regular people all sharing their thoughts about a product, we can form a good idea of whether or not it works. If they provide images to prove that they’re telling the truth, then all the better. 

Luckily for us, Instant Knockout has a seriously active fan base! Here are some of the best testimonials posted on the website: 

There are literally dozens of this kind of before and after transformation pictures on the Instant Knockout website. They all come with detailed testimonials and pictures of the people holding their bottles of IKO. 

This is great because many shady manufacturers just use stock photos and claim they are satisfied customers. It shouldn’t be this way, but we’re glad that we know these users are legit! 

>>>> It’s worth checking out some more of the testimonials on the Instant Knockout website before you buy. <<<<


This is the most common question we see asked online: is Instant Knockout fat burner suitable for women? 

The answer – is yes, absolutely. 

There is no such thing as a “fat burner for women.” The best fat burner for a man will invariably be the best fat burner for women too. The herbal extracts, minerals, and natural stimulants that make cuts easier for men also make them easier for women. It’sWhen you start getting into hormone manipulation, differences between men and women become apparent. 

Men and women have the same requirements when it comes to stimulating fat loss through thermogenesis, increasing training intensity, and reducing hunger. 

Instant Knockout has been designed to offer the most potent blend of fat-burning agents for the best possible price while keeping side effects to a minimum. It is absolutely suitable for men and women alike. 


Instant Knockout is the best fat burner on the market right now. Period. There’s really no other way to say it. The manufacturer has really done a spectacular job here. The quality of the ingredients, the doses, the way the ingredients have been combined – all of it has been done right. 

Users can expect higher energy levels, supercharged workouts, less hunger, and significantly faster fat loss. 

The ability to split the daily serving up into four equal parts means side effects are not a major concern either; a massive bonus. If you want to get more out of your next cut – more fat loss, less hunger, better muscle retention – then Instant Knockout fat burner can definitely help. 

We struggled to find any issues whatsoever with this one. The only thing that might put some of you off is the price. But you get what you pay for, and Instant Knockout is no exception. You will have to pay good money for a supplement of this quality. 

This is a professional product designed for serious athletes. If you want cheap diet pills, then look elsewhere!   




If your pre-workout is caffeine-free and it doesn’t contain any other substances that will “double up” your intake from Instant Knockout, then you can absolutely take them together. If your pre-workout contains caffeine, then you need to ensure that you aren’t taking too much. Each 1/4 dose of Instant Knockout contains 75mg of caffeine, so if a pre-workout contains any more than 75mg of caffeine, you probably shouldn’t combine it with Instant Knockout fat burner. Even then, 150mg of caffeine is likely to cause side effects. Unfortunately, that rules out most pre-workouts! 

We recommend using IKO with a caffeine-free pre-workout that provides plenty of Citrulline, Theanine, Beetroot Extract, Creatine, and Carnitine. 


No, Instant Knockout is not sold in any physical stores or through online retailers. Any Instant Knockout bottles you might see on sale in your local supplement store have been purchased online and are being re-sold without the manufacturer’s permission (no doubt with a massive price hike). So no, Instant Knockout is not sold at your local GNC! 


OK, so where can you buy Instant Knockout 

Instant Knockout is sold exclusively through the official online store. There are no licensed re-sellers or third-party retailers. While each region/currency has its own subsection on the website, there is only one actual merchant site for this fat burner, and everybody buys through the same page. This can be found at

If you come across any other website claiming to sell Instant Knockout that isn’t explicitly endorsed by or linked to this merchant site, it’s a scam. If you see the product being sold through any gyms, supplement stores, or anything like that, then these people are re-selling without permission from the manufacturer. 


Yes, of course, you can. A UK-based company makes instant Knockout. It is used by thousands of people in the UK every single day.   


Yes, Instant Knockout is legal in every jurisdiction to which it can be shipped. It is made from natural plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins. There is no reason why Instant Knockout should cause any problems with the authorities where you live. 


Instant Knockout fat burner is shipped worldwide from various depots and distribution centers across the UK and the United States. Orders can be shipped to the UK, EU, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and pretty much everywhere else in the world! How long shipments take to arrive will depend entirely on where you are and which delivery option you select at checkout. 


According to the official website’s shipping and returns page, there are several countries that Instant Knockout cannot be shipped. These include Afghanistan, Algeria, Chile, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, North Korea, Palestinian Territories, Russia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, and Turkey. 


As explained above, we think the best way to take Instant Knockout fat burner is at regular intervals spaced throughout the day, with one serving shortly before your workout and another a couple of hours before going to sleep. So a normal dosing schedule might look something like this: 

  1. 8 am – 1 capsule 
  2. 12 pm – 1 capsule 
  3. 4 pm – 1 capsule 
  4. 8 pm – 1 capsule 

On this dosing schedule, you are training at 5 pm and going to sleep at 11 pm. Of course, you can change the exact times to fit your own schedule, but this rough dose spacing is about right. 


You can actually ‘feel’ Instant Knockout working right away. You will notice the caffeine hitting you within about 45 minutes-90 minutes of your first dose. You will also probably start to notice the Glucomannan bulking out your stomach the first time you eat after taking IKO. 

However, visible changes to your physique take a little longer. Remember, Instant Knockout is a professional weight loss supplement. It isn’t a cheap diet pill that makes you lose water like crazy. Rapid weight loss is not what an athlete needs; they need slow, steady, controlled but consistent fat loss with maximum muscle retention. Using Instant Knockout fat burner in conjunction with a good diet and regular exercise should produce results faster than doing diet and exercise alone. We think it’s possible to see a difference in your physique after the first month. 


The results you see from Instant Knockout fat burner largely depend on you – you get out of this fat burner what you put in, but with significant interest. If your training is well-planned and your diet is on-point, then you will see incredible results using this fat burner: rapid fat loss, greater muscle retention, and easier dieting. If you’re lazy with your training and you lack discipline with your diet, Instant Knockout’s results will be limited. It’s all on you! 


Unfortunately, Instant Knockout uses a gelatin capsule, so it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Some fat burners use a plant-based capsule, so if you’re a vegetarian, you may want to check these out! 


We can’t see any mention of gluten or gluten-derived substances on the label. Suppose you have genuine gluten intolerance (not the fantasy that everybody has today). In that case, it might be worth double-checking on the manufacturer’s website or even emailing their support staff. 


Yes, it is. The combination of caffeine and cayenne chili powder in Instant Knockout will increase your internal temperature, causing a compensatory cooling response from your body and raising baseline caloric expenditure. Many fat burners claim to be thermogenic, but they aren’t. Instant Knockout fat burner is the real deal. 


While using Instant Knockout fat burner, or any fat burner, you must drink plenty of water throughout the day. Caffeine is a powerful diuretic; it will cause you to lose plenty of water through urine. Both caffeine and chili extract cause sweating, which again means rapid water loss. 

There’s no set amount of water that every person should aim for each day. The best way to gauge it is to monitor the color of your urine. Keep it clear and regular, and you should be fine. If you need an amount to aim for, drink at least 2 liters of clear, still water throughout the day at a minimum. Tea and fruit juice on top is a bonus.   


In general, there’s nothing that you need to avoid while using Instant Knockout fat burner specifically. Obviously, if you want the product to work, you should try to avoid alcohol, fast food, and overly processed foods. But in terms of safety, there’s not much to worry about. 

We will only say to avoid eating too much water-soluble fiber on top of the Glucomannan you’re already getting through IKO. Having a meal high in expanding fiber just after taking Glucomannan will probably make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Just eat normally while using IKO. 


Simply the best. There aren’t many fat burners on the market right now that even come close to Instant Knockout in terms of effectiveness, ingredients quality, or value for money. It should work well for anybody needing extra help during a serious cut. Whether your biggest problems are appetite control, low energy, or poor fat oxidation, it doesn’t matter – Instant Knockout has those bases covered. This professional fat burner does what it says on the label. It is without doubt the most popular fat burner in the UK, and it has been one of the most widely-used sports supplements in the world since its launch