How To Lose Butt Fat – 7 Effective Gym Exercises

So you’re trying to find some gym exercises that will help you Lose Butt Fat. You came to the right place!

7 Gym Exercises That Will Help Lose Butt Fat

These are some exercises that you can do at the gym to lose butt fat. Some of them are cardio related, others are resistance exercises that will develop the butt muscles and thus help in fat burning.

1. Bike riding

The good old exercise bike. New scientific studies have shown that riding an exercise bike in a certain fashion can actually help to lose butt fat. We never thought it was possible but now it seems it might be.

2. Incline treadmill

The treadmill goes up on an incline so it is like you are running up a hill. Many women do not want to acknowledge this feature as it is so darn hard! However, running up a hill is one of the best exercises you can do for your butt and legs.

3. Squats

Squats come in all different shapes and sizes but here I am talking about the weighted squat that you do in the squat rack. It is a great way to really blast those butt muscles and lose butt fat. The squat is the queen of all exercises.

4. Lunges

Like the squat, the lunge is one of the exercises everyone should do at the gym if they want to work their butt. It targets the muscles so well and really helps you to burn fat off of the area by building up a bit more muscle. It is a good exercise to get a firmer rear end!

5. Step-ups

Step-ups are almost like a version of the squat but done in reverse. Does that make sense? If you find a nice stable bench and grab some dumbbells stepping up one leg at a time to the bench really puts the glutes under a good stress. This is a great exercise to do if you are a little bored with the regular stuff as you can see how many you can do and then try and beat that number.

6. Stairclimber

Oooh, my butt cheeks tense up just thinking about the stair climber. This works your butt almost like no other. Last week my gym got all new equipment and new stair climbers were part of the new features. They really target your butt and legs hard while giving an awesome cardio workout. I think I am going to try them for a new fitness program so I can get super fit for soccer this year.

7. Wide leg presses

The leg press machine is safe. It is controlled and it helps you develop your skills at targeting certain leg muscles. If you take a wider stance you will find you work your butt more as well as the inside of your legs or hamstrings. Also, try putting your feet on different heights on the plate. Higher positions may make the exercise harder.


There is a whole variety of things you can do at the gym to help lose butt fat. If you aren’t happy with your butt’s shape or size remember to watch your diet and keep exercising.

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