How To Boost Strength In The Bench Press, Deadlift And Squat

bench press

Suppose you wish to excel in a specific exercise or increase your strength, like in the bench press. First, begin by changing your thinking that the bench press always must be first in your workout. To increase your bench press, follow this simple 10-week routine. Weeks Routine to Follow 1 – 4 Start with incline bench presses followed by bench presses. Finish your chest routine with an isolated movement like dumbbell flyes. 5 Do bench presses first to monitor your progress, then inclines and flyes. 6 and 7 Begin with flyes to isolate your chest, then inclines, and finally bench …

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How To Improve The Big Three Lifts

the big three lifts

I originally started writing this article with the premise of how to improve one’s bench press. Then I thought how extremely redundant and limiting that idea has become. How many articles have we all read promising huge gains in our bench, but with further examination we see it is just another bodybuilding routine? Plus, if we as lifters only improve our bench that leaves many other aspects of training left behind. For example, how good of an athlete will you be in you can only bench press, or how great of a bodybuilder will you become only having a chest? So, instead, I thought I …

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