Male Extra Reviews 2021: The Best Natural Viagra Alternative?

Male Extra is a male enhancement supplement available in pill form and is among the very best you can find in the market. It has powerful ingredients, making it a potent formula bound to offer positive results in terms of powerful erections. Apart from achieving stronger and longer erections. It is designed to target penile cell health and improve blood flow for the results to be achieved. A number of men suffer from sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction. Male Extra has been created to boost confidence and eliminate the embarrassments and frustrations that come with the situations. The supplement is effective and has scientific proof this making it very reliable.

How Male Extra Works

For sex to be satisfying for both you and your partner, there is a great need to achieve harder erections that last long enough. The erections, of course, rely on how good the blood flow to the penis is. During erections, the penis tissues get filled with blood, and the more they can hold, the harder and bigger the penis gets. Different factors, including erectile dysfunction, can make it hard for men to enjoy hard, longer erections.

Male Extra natural supplement uses a fusion of natural ingredients that work together to increase hardness and sustainable erections by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. This supplement encourages increased blood flow without interruptions so men can gain erections that are not only bigger but last longer for maximum satisfaction. Blood flow is optimized, and absorption of all the right ingredients ensures that your stamina is boosted and fatigue is delayed, so you last as long as you want to. Intense orgasms are also an added advantage for those who choose to use this male enhancement supplement.

Viagra has enjoyed this space for a long time, but with the introduction of supplements like Male Extra that are just as effective, there is really no excuse for why men should not enjoy fulfilling sexual life. You no longer have to be embarrassed about your performance in the bedroom, thanks to the pills. It is a product that has received lots of positive feedback, and it has proven its worth among competitors.

Male Extra Ingredients

1. Pomegranate – The secret ingredient

This is probably the major ingredient that makes the supplement as effective as it is. It contains ellagic acid in large amounts, and this is what boosts the circulation of blood. Studies show that drinking pomegranate juice every day increases blood flow by a huge percent in three months. It is also the juice that fitness enthusiasts largely use because it delays fatigue and increases blood flow during strenuous physical exercises.

This ingredient also has antioxidants that protect nitric oxide from damage caused by free radicals enhancing the blood flow effect. The supplement has 40% ellagic acid as part of the formula and a day’s serving offers 500mg of pomegranate, so you enjoy better erections.

2. L-Arginine HCL – The ruling enhancer

The majority of male enhancement and nitric oxide supplements have this ingredient because of its superior effects on blood flow and absorption of nutrients. The ingredient works by converting amino acids into nitric oxide within the body, thus impacting sexual performance and quality of erections. An impressive percent of men who have erectile dysfunction gave positive reports that improving gaining and maintaining erections goes with daily intakes of l-arginine in a few weeks.

Nitric oxide levels in the body are doubled by Male Extra, achieving hard erections and improving performance in general. It has 600mg of this ingredient in daily servings, so solid and reliable erections are what men are choosing it to experience at the end of the day. L-Arginine is among the most effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. It comes with added benefits like improving oxygen delivery to muscles and increasing the size of muscles, among others.

3. L- Methionine – The delayed ejaculation champion

Premature ejaculation is really an issue for many men, and fortunately, Male Extra supplement also takes care of this to improve sexual performance thanks to L-Methionine. It’s an essential amino acid that works by blocking histidine conversion into histamine, which achieves climax. Essentially, the higher the levels of the histamine hormone, the faster you will ejaculate, hence premature ejaculations. This ingredient, therefore, lowers histamine levels in the body, delaying ejaculation in the process. It prevents increased production of the hormone during sex, eliminating the chance of prematurely ejaculating.

4. Zinc – The sex driver

It is an ingredient that’s been proven to boost the testosterone level in the bloodstream. Low levels of testosterone can have negative effects on libido and erections as well. Men who care about their libido should actually ensure that they have enough zinc in their daily diets. A deficiency in zinc does not only reduce libido but can also greatly reduce the sense of smell. Remember that testosterone is responsible for high sex drive and also energy levels experienced in young adults. The more the hormone levels, the higher the sex drive is bound to be, and Male Extra ensures that you enjoy just that, thanks to the 14mg of zinc in offers is a daily serving.

5. Niacin – The erection maintainer

It is one thing to achieve an erection but quite another if that erection does not last long enough to satisfy you and your partner. It is a situation that can be frustrating, but Male Extra pills rescue you from all the embarrassment thanks to its powerful ingredient Niacin. It’s also referred to as Vitamin B3, and it boosts the flow of blood, thus relaxing and expanding blood vessels. The 18mg daily dosages of Niacin in Male Extra improve erection, maintenance so you can last as long as you really need to. This is also the ingredient that reduces the fatigue and tiredness experienced during sex. You can be sure to have all the stamina you need in the bedroom when you need it the most.

6. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – The size enhancer

It is abbreviated MSN, and it stimulates new cell growth that can hold more blood and be flexible. The ingredient is sulfur in organic form and is a mineral important for tissue and cell health, and this includes the cells in your penis. When there is a shortage of MSM, the cells tend to get weak, and it becomes impossible for the body to build healthy, strong new cells. Male Extra being rich in MSM supports cell growth that can hold more blood. The more blood the cells manage to hold, the larger the erections and the harder they are too. The daily servings offer 100mg of this very important mineral to maximize and boost erection size for better performance and overall satisfaction.

7. Cordyceps – The sexual desire booster

This ingredient has for a long time been used as a natural aphrodisiac, especially in Chinese medicine. Studies have backed its powerful ability to increase sexual function and sexual desire. It is a type of fungus that increases drive thanks to the chemicals that directly affect the brain area responsible for sexual desire control. These chemicals are cordycepic acid and deoxyadenosine. A daily serving of Male Extra offers 25mg of Cordyceps to keep your desires up and erections harder and longer.

Male Extra Benefits

Male extra comes with lots of benefits considering that it has several ingredients working side by side to improve sexual performance for men. These ingredients collectively offer a number of benefits which include:

  • Increases penis hardness
  • Enhances erection size gain
  • Stamina boosting
  • Fatigue reduction during sex
  • Sustains erections
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Enhances sexual drive and desire
  • Raises testosterone levels
  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves blood flow and circulation

The Pros And Cons Of Male Extra

Male Extra has become a favorite for many male users because of the numerous benefits it has to offer and the numerous pros the product comes with. This product is:

  • 100% clinically proven
  • Safe with no side effects
  • Effective thanks to its potent formula
  • Natural with ingredients proven to improve sexual performance
  • Easy to buy and take
  • Proof-backed compared to most other natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee proving quality and effectiveness

The cons

  • The only negative when it comes to Make Extra is the 100 days of getting money back.

How To Take Male Extra

Even with all its many benefits and the safe, natural ingredients, it is very important to take Male Extra as per recommendations. Men under medication or suffering from different conditions should always check with their doctors before starting with the male enhancement supplement.

This product is suitable for all adult men who wish to improve sexual function. Senior citizens can also safely take the supplement and enjoy great results as far as their erections go.

Three capsules should be taken every day with breakfast or any other meal for sex life to remain supercharged. The daily dosage is important because it ensures that you receive the nutrients and minerals you need to improve blood flow and enhance your erections in the process. It is the only way you will manage to enjoy great results.

What To Expect From Male Extra

Just like any other supplement, Male Extra results vary from one user to another. However, most men who have used this product attest to seeing positive results a few weeks after starting with the intakes. With daily supplementation, you stand a very high chance of gaining erection size in a span of three to six months.

Male Extra has what it takes to finally eliminate your frustrations and boost your confidence so you and your partner can enjoy maximum satisfaction; you just need to take it in the right way.

Considering that this product has not shown any side effects so far, you really do not have to worry about any adverse effects. This could be because it is made of natural ingredients that are safe and gentle. It is an aspect that gives the supplement an advantage over other male enhancement pills that contain all sorts of synthetic ingredients.

Will Male Extra permanently enlarge my penis?

Big No. Male Extra is NOT a permanent penis enlargement solution. Male Extra increases the amount of blood flow that your penis receives during the erection. This means you will notice a notable difference in your erected penis size only. These results will last only as long as you keep taking the product.

Is Male Extra a scam or not?

Male Extra is not a scam. The company offering Male Extra pills has been in business for over 11 years now, and they give solid responsive support and actually honor their guarantees and promises. Male Extra offers real value for money, and you can rest assured that you will not be scammed. They over-deliver on their promises and offer real value and excellent support. Best of all, Male Extra Pills work!

Where To Buy Male Extra?

These pills are packaged in bottles, and one bottle contains enough pills for one month. Even though the supplement is not highly priced, you can get better deals when you buy directly from the manufacturer. You can also take advantage of coupons that offer discounts or look for other deals that could cut your costs of the product.

It is always valuable to buy the supplement in bulk; with the 100 days trial and a money-back guarantee, you can always return the bottles in case you do not like what you get, so you lose nothing in the end. Buy Male Extra only from reliable, credible sources to get real value for your money.


Sexual dysfunction is one of the most stressful conditions a man can suffer from. It robs men of their egos and confidence. Luckily male enhancement supplements like Male Extra have come to save the day for men of all ages who have issues with their sexual performance. The ingredients selected for the formulation are natural and safe for use with no or minimal side effects.

Men can finally boost their sex drive and enjoy bigger, longer erections that are satisfying for them and their partners. The money-back guarantee only goes to show how confident the manufacturer is in the quality and effectiveness of this supplement.

With daily supplementing, you can finally gain your confidence back and keep your sexual drive and stamina on the roof for better and more fulfilling sex life. Male Extra is, without a doubt, amongst the best male enhancement products you can choose, and the positive customer reviews only go to prove this.