Weight Loss Plan – Super Effective 3 Months To Lose Weight

To stay healthy, to stay fit and to transform your body into the right shape, you should eat right and work out. Many people feel that by not doing exercise, you are not missing anything and you just need Weight Loss Plan in order to lose weight and get into shape but that is not true at all. Exercise can do magic on your body which your diet alone cannot do.

You should combine both diet and exercise in order to see good results in a short period of time. You may prefer using some weight loss pills for reducing your weight and burning fat in your body and if you are lucky then you can see instant results. But the results that you see using these weight loss pills are temporary and can give many side effects as well.

The right diet and right workout plan can help you in reducing weight. This may take some time and many not show up results immediately, but will definitely give you good results and the results are going to be permanent, provided you are taking care of your diet.

Here is a super-effective 3-month weight loss plan for you, which is giving you detailed information about what diet to follow and what exercises to do each month. All the diet plans discussed here are 1200 calorie diet plans and they are really effective in your body.

The 3 Months Weight Loss Plan That Works

Weight Loss Plan Month 1:

Exercises Plan in Month 1

Normally when you go to the gym or when you workout at home, you either do a certain set of exercises for a certain number of times to a specific time of the interval between them. But this is not going to work when your goal is to reduce weight first and not just about staying fit. This kind of workout is best for those who are already having the right weight and planning to stay fit and maintain their weight. For weight reduction, you will have to concentrate on full-body workout where you keep changing the exercises, rest timings and a load of exercises and this a challenge to your nervous system.

During the first four weeks of your weight loss plan, you will concentrate on interval training and interval total body. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are for interval total body and the rest of the days for interval training. Total body workout has to be done for 45 minutes to one hour and the interval training would be about twenty minutes.

You are not going to stick to one group of muscles in total body, you should concentrate on multiple groups of muscles. Total body exercises should include Box jumps, split jumps, jumping jacks, the treadmill in inclined mode, push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, Reverse lunges. The internal training includes biking, treadmill, rower, elliptical which you enjoy the most but you should keep altering between low and high speeds.

Diet Plan in Month 1

Weight Loss Plan

Breakfast important meal of the day and never skip it. You can choose a smoothie of your favorite fruit along with a toast and peanut butter. Or you can add an omelet to your breakfast, but make sure you add only egg white to the omelet. Melon and cottage cheese and mint is also not a bad option or fresh fat-free Greek Yogurt. Make sure the breakfast is just 300 calories and not more than that.

For a mid-morning snack, you can grab a fruit which boosts your metabolism and keeps you active all day long.

Lunch has to be light, but not too light. You can take a sandwich along with boiled vegetables or a nice soup of your choice. Lunch has to be between 350 to 400 calories. Evening snacks can be a handful of nuts along with green tea.

This has to be just 150 calories. Dinner can be about 350 to 400 calories. You can try some whole wheat pasta with veggies, Broccoli chicken wraps. Just to keep your diet interesting, make sure that you are selecting a different food every day, but sticking to a calorie counter to get effective results in fat burning.

Weight Loss Plan Month 2:

Exercises Plan in Month 2

The Month 1 workout was to improve your body system completely and make all the changes permanent. In the month 2 workout plan, you are going to challenge the muscles. In simple words, you are reducing the rest time between the exercises and increase the weights. It is the same in the second month as well that you should do mixed exercises and do not concentrate on just a single muscle.

The cardio workouts include leg lifts, crunches, sit-ups along with those that you worked last month. The rest time should be decreased by 15 seconds to 20 seconds and increase the number of sets in that decreased time interval. The entire time would be one hour. The interval training would be 24 minutes in the second month, you can choose planks, Side crunches, full sit up, ball crunches.

Diet Plan in Month 2

You can follow the same diet plan in the second month as well, but add one protein shake to your mid-morning meal. You can also add Brown rice, sweet potatoes to your lunch, but one thing to remember do not to increase the calorie intake.

Weight Loss Plan Month 3:

Exercises plan in Month 3

This is the last month of your 3-month plan for weight loss. You should now review your body shape and check which part of your body needs extra concentration. This is the time when you should add a specific body workout and make sure that you achieved the results that you want to., especially your lower body. But make sure that you are not missing any of those exercises of month 1 and 2, the number of sets need to be increases and the rest time has to be decreased in total body training. The interval training should now be for 30 minutes instead of 24 minutes.

Diet plan in Month 3

Diet plan would be the same, but add a few more things like skimmed milk, Waffles, egg scrambles to your breakfast menu. You can add pizza and burgers to your lunch, but mind the calorie count.

It is all in the calories that you take in and burn during the workout. If the number of calories is increasing then you should change your workout plan as well.

Following the weight loss program will help you in reducing 30 to 40 pounds of weight. You can take a few tips from the fitness trainers if required. Add 3 to 4 liters of water to your daily routine. As long as you are following the diet plan and work out plan, you can see good results in 3 months and do not forget to maintain your workout for at least three times a week to maintain the results.

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