5 killer Tips For Consistent Workouts!


Obesity is a huge problem as it affects almost 2/3rdof the population. It is also one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the world.

It can be labeled as an epidemic as it results in countless horrifying diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, etc.

What is baffling is that losing weight isn’t impossible so why aren’t more people successful in shedding weight?

The answer to that is that not everyone is well informed. People are unaware of the proper ways to workout to achieve maximum results.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of gym hours are wasted by people who simply don’t know what they are doing wrong.

This results in them losing interest as their goals are not being met, which in turn results in them becoming inconsistent in their workouts. Inconsistency will not fly when the main aim is to shed weight or bulk up.

Women and men have hormonal differences so they react differently to exercises.

But one thing women can do to gain more benefit is to be consistent. Don’t worry anymore, as this article will go on to list various tips that can enable one to be consistent in their workouts.

  1. Set Goals

This is imperative as nothing will go according to plan if there is no plan, to begin with. No one knows their body better than themselves. So set goals accordingly. Don’t be unrealistic in your goals. For example, do not think that setting a goal to lose 5 kg a week is attainable. This is like setting yourself up for failure because when these goals remain unachieved, people give up and quit their diets or workout routines.

If one’s weekly workouts are all planned ahead, there is no chance of missing or skipping it. Hence, this improves consistency resulting in faster and better end results. It’s always better to write out the workout plan, in a diary of some sort so that its always close by if you feel the motivation, to be consistent, slipping. If someone is starting his or her gym routines, preferably aim to start it on Monday or the 1st. This will help keep you consistent too.

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  1. Early workout

One tip that can prove essential is to try and workout as early as possible. This can be early in the morning, even as soon as 7 a.m. The logic behind working out early to improve consistency is that as your day progresses, several problems might arise that can disrupt your workout. Some people tend to get lazier as the day comes to its conclusion so they might try to postpone their workout plan that can eventually lead to cancelling the day’s workout. For others, the day might get busier as it goes on and they just might simply not have the time to go to the gym and workout. People also might try and find excuses to skip exercising when 7-8 P-M approaches. An early workout would mean no more missing the gym due to being busy or being unable to go. Working out in the morning will also make you feel full of energy and active for the rest of the day. It is no wonder that President Obama hits the gym first thing in the morning. Follow in his footsteps and add consistency in your gym life.

  1. Winning mind-set

This is crucial. Having the right mindset is everything. Always aim for maximum benefit, and never compromise for anything below that. Without the winning mind-set, goals will remain goals. Do not think that something is impossible, even before giving it a go. Try and fail. Then repeat. Do this enough times and that failure will turn into success. The only thing that holds back a person is that person himself. Aim for the stars, and never back down. Believe it yourself that you’ll never miss a workout, be consistent and regular and see yourself achieve that very thing.

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  1. Avoid the curse of the ‘two’

This ‘curse’ means that if one misses two workouts in a row, eats out two times in a row or basically does anything that messes up their consistency twice, then they’ll find it very hard to go back to their diet or workout routines. Don’t fall for this as one time may be okay but two times results in a pattern. Its allure becomes too appealing to fight off and you derail. Be consistent by taking only one cheat meal in a while and except for emergencies and avoid missing the gym at all.

  1. Taking the right supplements

This is a tip that almost seen as unnecessary. However, many women rely on supplements to provide them with the nutrients and energy they want. Like supplements for men, there is a wide variety of supplements for women available in the market. Among these, the best supplement in the market would be CrazyBulk supplements reign supreme. These are female-friendly bodybuilding supplements that are very powerful and will help you rapidly trade your undesired fat for muscle. Some of its benefits include:

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These will not magically transform you into looking “huge”. It works differently for women. Instead of bulking up, it helps increase your lean muscle mass enabling your body to burn more calories throughout the day resulting in a slimmer body. A common belief is that steroids make women appear as men. This isn’t true for CrazyBulk.

  • Especially designed for women so they can enjoy the best benefits of these supplements and gets the strong sexy physique they desire.
  • This also provides with huge amounts of energy that gives an extra edge in the gym and makes you work harder consistently.
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Follow these workout tips combined with CrazyBulk for maximum benefit. By being consistent in your gym routines and never giving up, nothing can stop one from attaining their perfect body.

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