8 Tips To Successfully Market Yourself As A Personal Trainer!

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The economy is taking its toll on the fitness industry and many personal trainers are starting to feel the crunch. In these tough times, you have to learn to diversify what you do to make the entire process profitable and successful. You are not going to be able to just step into the gym with the business as usual mentality. Here is a list of ideas that will help spark your imagination and hopefully instigate a more compliant clientele and also to promote new business. 8 Tips To Successfully Market Yourself As A Personal Trainer! 1.¬†Offer A “Bring A Friend …

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How To Choose A Personal Trainer In 2020

Legislative action to regulate the personal training industry is underway. How fast will changes occur? Remember ephedra? That’s how fast we can see a change in the industry. As a newly nominated member of the National Board of Fitness Experts, a cohort of industry experts in the process of steering the personal training industry towards national standards, this article is presented as the first of a two-part series to help you choose a personal trainer in a rapidly changing environment. You count yourself among the throngs of baby boomers and seniors that are finally understanding and implementing the message that …

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