8 Tips To Successfully Market Yourself As A Personal Trainer!

The economy is taking its toll on the fitness industry and many personal trainers are starting to feel the crunch. In these tough times, you have to learn to diversify what you do to make the entire process profitable and successful. You are not going to be able to just step into the gym with the business as usual mentality.

Here is a list of ideas that will help spark your imagination and hopefully instigate a more compliant clientele and also to promote new business.

8 Tips To Successfully Market Yourself As A Personal Trainer!

1. Offer A “Bring A Friend To Workout Day”

Many people have friends and family that they would love to invite to the gym, but they can’t offer them anything due to the restrictions. Several clients would like try your workout, but they often don’t feel that you have enough time to fit them in. Simply put, make them feel that they can offer a simple date where they can just bring someone in and the gym will allow them to workout, after signing waivers. Give your clients something that they can actually hand to someone else.

A guest pass with a specific date on it is always best. Once someone gets to know you, then they are more likely to use you. Plant some seeds and watch them grow.

2. Offer A Buy 5 Get One Free

If a client buys five workouts then they can obtain a free visit. It puts money in your pocket and it is also a great way to say thank you for choosing me as your trainer. Marketing to the business that you already have is a smart and useful way to increase your income. Many services that you can offer are right at your fingertips.

Groups of people going to the shopping market to learn about what foods to buy and those to avoid stirs a lot of interest. Making this “smart shopping adventure” as a bonus for buying a months worth of services, offers more value to what you offer versus another trainer.

3. Form Your Own “Biggest Loser” Competition

Have your clients take measurements; weight, inches, etc. Make a simple formula to add inches on the chest and subtract inches on the waist. Then ask local businesses to provide gifts or discounts and put it all together and make a grand prize. Some of the cost can be offset by asking for $20/per person to enter. Make it so they get some free training from you as well.

The average client loves this as additional motivation and also note that most clients talk about this competition at work. That sparks an interest in the work that you do and makes what you do more interesting than other personal trainers. You should also have a poster board to show off those who are competing and place a small bio on them. Follow up with a before and after picture, which can also be used by you for later marketing. I know some trainers who have advertised that their clients have lost a total of 10,000 pounds. Obviously those are a large number of trainers, but you get the idea.

4. Have A Free Stretching Class For Families

Go to businesses and discuss a healthy living program to include information on exercise and healthy eating habits. Keep it simple. Most insurance companies offer a discount to companies that have enacted a healthy living program. Most companies do not want the liability or expense associated with having a gym, so a group discount at a local gym where you train is always the best idea. Invite a local physician to talk, which helps drum up business for them and makes you look more professional. Don’t just sell what you do, but rather make yourself known as a motivator.

6. Hold Group Classes

on the rise, the general physical education class is lost and statistics show that over 60% of American youth are overweight. Another purpose of the group class is to make fitness affordable to the general public. Several individuals cannot afford the cost of personal training, but the benefits of general group exercise classes are far-reaching. Obtaining a group of 20 individuals at ten bucks a head quickly makes it worth your time. The classes are fun and many times lead to individuals who will re-think their original commitment and sign up for individual classes.

7. Approach The New People

Get a list of all new members from the gym and offer a free consultation with you as the personal trainer. Start off by asking how their training is going and what they like and don’t like about the gym. Then offer a simple one on one class to introduce them to what you can do.

8. Offer Discounts And Group Rates

Offer a discount if you can offer them to train with a group of three or four people. This is a simple matter of time conservation and marketing. One person at $40/hour or two at $30/hour results in more money to you, with more people in a training group. The motivation of the group usually is worth the extra effort and the discount offered to the individual is attractive to them.

Place down some simple guidelines about talking and keeping positive topics. There is nothing worse than adding a “Debbie Downer” to a motivated group. With some simple comments and leadership, the average trainee will remain socially acceptable.


These are just a few simple recommendations and learning to work with other trainers in your gym can diversify what you offer to the public. I have some trainers who refer to me for their client’s weekly diet and I will often use them directly based on their specific capabilities. The final thing to add is to network. Use other professionals to add to your training protocol. Chiropractors, dentists, family doctors are all interested in getting to know who you are and often will refer to you when they have a patient who needs to relax, lose weight or overcome some other metabolic challenge.

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