The Covid-19 Home Workout For Arms

Do you want muscular arms? Yes, of course! Who wouldn’t want it? It’s almost as certain as if you asked a blind man if he wanted to see. And many Internet users type “Home Workout For Arms” on Google, Bing and others.

Why do you want bigger arms?

Yes, everyone wants to know how to improve their arms.

Men want big arms, while women wish to get toned arms. Not just for aesthetics. Also because of the arms … we use it all the time.

The arms, like the abdominals, come first in the minds of many people who want to build muscle. However, the arms are not like the calves, the size of which is often determined by genetics.

No, the arms usually take a lot of work to get results.

Gym owners know this. That’s why they often have tons of equipment just for arm work. In reality, not all of this material is essential, and you can make a home workout for arms without any equipment.

Home Workout For Arms – Not Always Easy

Getting results is just a matter of workload and training plan.

But then, if like me you travel a lot or train at home, there are steps you need to take to reach your goal. You should always follow a program while finding a way to gain muscle without using dumbbells. Luckily, there are several home workout for arms that you can do anywhere, and They mainly require the use of your body weight.

Before we talk about the exercises themselves, let’s take a moment to talk about the biceps and triceps. This will help you understand how to change the appearance.

The importance of balance

If we leave the forearm aside, for now, the main muscles of the arm are the biceps and triceps. You have to focus on them during your training if you want to improve their aesthetics and strength.

It’s important to remember right away that if you’re using light loads, you’ll never build size even if you do endless rehearsals. This can help make them more visible if you lose fat, but you won’t gain mass.

Or too little.

To force your muscles to grow, you absolutely must gradually increase the resistance or weight.

Usually, you should only be able to perform the movement for a maximum of 6 to 12 repetitions. It is crucial to train your biceps and triceps in a balanced way to avoid disproportion and injury.

Let’s start with the triceps.

Strengthening the triceps

The triceps are on the back of the arm. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked by men who favour the muscles they can see easily, namely the biceps. However, special attention should be paid to the triceps as they represent the most important muscle group.

So, if you want more massive arms, you should definitely work them out.

Tricep training is not only essential for men. Women are genetically predisposed to store fat there. Sometimes we compare it to bat wings (hello, Batman!).

Of course, the best way to get rid of fat is to have the right diet to create a calorie deficit. But that will not be enough to improve your appearance. Indeed, it is also crucial to strengthen the triceps to give the arm a toned appearance and make the muscles appear.

Strengthen your biceps

The biceps are actually relatively small muscles. But because they are placed in front of the arms, they are often associated with force.

Besides their aesthetic interest, they are critical in the practice of the sport. Indeed, they intervene in each movement which consists of pulling towards you, for example, in the exercises intended to strengthen the back.

Therefore, powerful biceps help you improve the performance of a large number of exercises. Consequently, they considerably reduce the risk of injury.

Let’s move on to the exercises themselves…

The Best Home Workout For Triceps

The real good news about the triceps (and chest muscles at the same time) is that you can really train them anywhere and without equipment. At worst, what you have at home will suffice.

You need the floor, the walls, possibly chairs, a table, etc. Nothing exceptional.

Here are 3 of the best Home exercises for triceps:

1. Diamond pumps

I’m not telling you it’s easy, far from it! But if you do them right, they will really help you get your triceps working.

Usually, when you do push-ups, you are putting your hands beyond your shoulder width.


To work both the pectorals and the triceps. And for aesthetics. On this subject, read the article on the method to have a V-shaped bust. The more you spread your hands, the more you work the width of the pecs.

But today, what interests you is to focus on the triceps. This is exactly what you are going to do by placing your hands side by side and keeping your elbows glued to your bust to make a diamond pump.

You are really going to pound your triceps.

How you should do it:

Your hands will draw the shape of a diamond in the middle (hence the name of the exercise). Keep your elbows as close to your chest as possible and go down until your chest touches the back of your hands. Remember to keep your abs, buttocks and thighs tight during the entire movement.

Push on your arms to return to the original position. Blow (and suffer)

Be careful; it hurts!

2. Dips for arm strength training

It was my favourite exercise when I was training in the weight room. This is a great exercise to work the triceps as well as the whole bust.

For most beginners, dips resting on a bench are the right place to start. But your goal should be to progress until you are able to achieve them on a dip station or parallel bars. Otherwise, you can rely on the backs of 2 relatively stable chairs (as in Olivier Lafay’s method).

How you should do it:

Install two chairs, or two benches face to face. Put your hands on the chair or bench behind you. Place your feet on the chair or bench facing you. Keep your back straight during the entire movement.

Lower your arms down until your elbows form a right angle. Then pull up on the strength of your arms until they are stretched again. Remember to keep your back straight.

3. Extension of the triceps

Polyarticular exercises, such as pushups and dips, are fabulous because they work multiple muscle groups at the same time. But isolation exercises, that is, those that work on a single joint, are also important in a workout.

As you can see, this exercise is an isolation exercise since it focuses exclusively on the triceps.

How you should do it:

Face the wall and place your hands on it, spreading them 15 to 20 cm. Move your feet away from the wall so that your body is straight when your arms are extended. Keep your abs and glutes contracted during exercise to stay upright.

Now bend your elbows, leaving your body to approach the wall. Your elbows should not move apart. When your forearms are almost touching the wall, push your body back using only the strength of the triceps.

If you can, the ideal is to do this exercise with TRX straps or resistance bands that you can take anywhere.

The Best Home Workout For Biceps

Unfortunately, unlike the triceps, it is tough to work the biceps and back without any equipment. You will find more or less eccentric methods on the Internet using, for example, the opposite leg like a dumbbell. It can work, but I think you will soon be stuffed with this kind of exercise.

In any case, very little for me. At a minimum, you will need to find a table that is strong enough to hang from below.

The ideal is to have TRX straps, resistance bands or a pull-up bar, for example. Let’s start with the exercise you can do with a simple table.

1. Reverse Rowing

It is one of the best exercises for the biceps, the abdominal strap and the back. It is quite difficult to miss this move, which means that you can gradually make it more challenging without increasing your risk of injury.

See how Steve Kamb of the Nerd Fitness blog (a great blog for those who master English) does this in this video as he slips under a table.

How you should do it:

Lie down under the table. Remember to sweep first if you left bread crumbs on the ground because it itches 😉

Grab the edge of the table with the palms of your hands opposite your face (overhand hands). Contract your abs, and try to keep your body straight. Pull your body upward until your pecs touch the table.

Return to your starting position and start again.

2. Push-ups for the biceps

Pull-ups are a major exercise for building your back and biceps muscles. It’s terribly effective.

I think this movement is more effective in gaining volume than dumbbell curls due to bodyweight work. But also because the range of motion is much more important. This is what makes it so difficult for beginners.

But the results are at the level of effort. Superb! If it’s too difficult

And you will see that there are ways to make things easier at the beginning to progress on this exercise. Already, getting into the habit of doing the previous exercise (reverse rowing) is a good way to prepare for this one.

On the other hand, you will need a minimum of material to achieve it, starting for example with a pull-up bar. There are cheaper ones, but I don’t recommend them.

In particular, avoid those that move apart by screwing up like this adjustable pull-up bar unless you have very resistant door frames. I had problems with this kind of equipment because it ended up making the door jamb work or the bar fell off after several pulls. I think this can be OK if you weigh 60 to 70 kg maximum.

I know it’s a small investment. But you will not regret it if you want to cross a threshold in the volume gain of the biceps and the back.

If you want to relieve your hands during this exercise, it is best to buy in addition special grips (called Iron Grip).

How you should do pull-ups:

Grab the bar with your palms supine (toward your face) with a grip a little narrower than your shoulders. Contract your buttocks and abs to keep your body straight. You can also raise your feet behind so as not to touch the ground.

As you bring your chest towards the bar, you should also contract your upper back at the shoulder blades. Take a 1 to 2-second break when you are at the top, then slowly descend.

3. Biceps curls with TRX straps or resistance bands

As with the tricep work, I end with a bicep isolation exercise. In reality, you don’t have to do this kind of movement if you regularly do reverse rowing and pull-ups.

If you use resistance bands, you will just have to work as you would with dumbbells.

How to make curls with TRX straps

Face the anchor point. Hold your wrists with your arms outstretched and your hands supine. Move your feet forward so that your body is leaning back.

The more you advance, the more difficult the exercise will be.

Contract your buttocks and abs so that your body stays straight. Pull the handles without spreading your elbows so that your hands are on each side of your head. Slowly return to the original position until your arms are straight.

Home Workout For Arms – An Accessible Challenge?

As you can see, building your triceps without any equipment at home is entirely possible. In terms of biceps, you will need to at least find a table for rowing or some bar to be able to do push-ups.

There are some exotic techniques that I told you about above, but that seems to me to be highly eccentric in the long run. This is why I wrote “almost without material” in the title.

I assure you that the exercises I am talking about here are really among the most effective for strengthening your arms. You can really do without dumbbells if you want.