Yoga for Kidney And Liver Health In 2021

Your body has two kidneys, located in your abdominal region. Your kidneys are organs with several vital functions. They work together to filter and clean your blood, remove wastes into your urine, and regulate electrolytes and blood pressure. Because your kidneys perform such essential tasks, they must be in top working form. These yoga exercises will help keep your kidneys healthy and functioning well. You should practice them daily to help maintain your kidneys; however, they should only be used as a complement to your physician’s regular instructions. Before beginning these exercises, be sure to speak with your doctor.

Yoga allows the body to restore and revitalize itself, and many types of yoga poses can improve the liver and kidney’s health. These include asana yoga postures, stretches, and backbends. According to, yoga postures that improve kidney and liver health do so by activating the meridians, or pathways that allow positive and negative energy to flow and sustain function.

The Cobra Yoga Pose

Bhujangasana, or Cobra Pose, is one yoga position that is good for your kidneys by providing them with increased blood flow, stretching, and stimulation. In addition to benefiting your kidneys, it also stretches and opens the muscles of your chest and shoulders and helps reduce stress, according to the website Yoga Wiz.

To do Cobra Pose, lie on your stomach on the floor with your hands under your shoulders. Put your palms on the ground and bend your arms, so your elbows point upwards. Press your upper body upwards by pushing into the ground with the tops of your feet, thighs, and pelvis, and by straightening your arms. Raise your head so that your entire upper body is in an arc position and remember to breathe.

The Cat Yoga Pose

Another asana that will benefit your kidneys is Marjaryasana, also known as Cat Pose. In Cat Pose, your abdominal organs are gently massaged, according to the “Yoga Journal.” Additionally, you will feel a stretch in your back and neck by practicing this pose. To perform Cat Pose, position yourself on all fours, with your palms and knees on the ground and your entire back straight. Begin to curl the top of your head downwards. Then slowly start to arch your back until your entire spine in curved. Tuck your abdominal muscles and pelvis and pull your stomach in. Hold here and breathe.

The Cow Yoga Pose

Bitilasana, also known as Cow Pose, also massages your spine and works well when alternated with Cat Pose, according to “Yoga Journal.” Cow Pose starts in the same position as Cat Pose. To do Cow Pose, however, instead of or arching up, you arch down. To do this, slowly raise your seat, neck, and head. While lifting in these places, lower your stomach towards the ground. Hold here and breathe. Alternate Cow and Cat Pose for optimal benefits.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Ardha Matsyendrasana, also called Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, is yet another yoga posture that focuses on your kidneys. Performing this posture will stimulate your kidneys as well as your liver, and stretch your shoulders, neck, and hips.

To get into this twisted pose, Yoga Wiz suggests you start sitting on the floor. Bend your legs and put one under the other. Keeping your knees bent, place the sole of one foot on the ground so that your knee points up. Place the side of the other foot on the ground keeping your knee on the ground. Once in this position, twist your upper body towards the knee that is pointing upwards. Turn your head in this direction as well, and try to look over your shoulder, remembering to breathe. Then repeat this posture on the other side, so that your body feels balanced and both kidneys are stimulated.

Square Pose

Sit down on the floor, with your left shin touching the ground, and your right leg on top of the left leg, with your right outer ankle, touching the left thigh near the knee. Align your crossed legs with your stomach, and sit up straight. “Yoga Journal” cites that this pose stretches the muscles in the thighs and bottom, which activates the meridians in the kidneys and liver.

Upward Bow

According to the website Yoga Basics, the upward bow backbend pose stimulates the energy channels. This allows for healthier internal organs. Begin by lying on the ground; next, rise up by placing your feet close to your sit bone and your hands close to your head. Your fingers should be pointing away from you. Engage your bottom and lift it off the ground; take two breaths, once you are in this position. Then bring your shoulder blades off the ground, and take two additional breaths. Last, bring your head off the ground and take two more breaths. You can repeat the pose if desired.

Liver Cleansing Twist

The liver collects toxins throughout the years, cites One way to improve your liver’s health is to cleanse it by performing the liver cleansing twist. This exercise can be performed by sitting down with your legs crossed. Place your right hand on your back and lift your left arm in the air at a 60-degree angle. Inhale through your nose and twist to the left. Then exhale through the nose and twist to the right. Continue for one to three minutes.

The Dragon Yoga Pose

“Yoga Journal” cites that when performed correctly, the dragon pose should be held for approximately one to five minutes. Begin with your hands and knees on the ground. Bring your left foot between your hands and slide your right foot back, ending up in a lunge position. Bring your hands to your left knee and hold the pose. Alternate to the right leg, and repeat.