HIIT Workouts – How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time

HIIT workouts high-intensive interval training

What Is HIIT Workout, and why should it be so effective? As the name implies, HIIT workouts stand for high intensity interval training. The interval training includes the phases of regeneration and the load. This method is very powerful and shows significant success in increasing stamina, losing weight, and building muscle. We will answer all other important questions about HIIT workouts in the following article. The essentials Of HIIT Workouts in brief HIIT Workouts means “high-intensive interval training”, so it is a highly intensive interval training In training, the body gets stressed for a certain duration and then relieved directly …

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How To Choose The Right Cardio Plan In 2020?


Whether you are a fitness professional or a casual exerciser, chances are you know about the importance of cardiovascular training for your overall health. There are a wide variety of cardio exercises, but in general, all of them fall into one of three categories. Probably the most well-known is slow, steady-state aerobic training, which includes activities like brisk walking, jogging, biking, and rowing. At the opposite end of the spectrum are anaerobic workouts, which consist of short, intense bursts of energy. Sprints and high-intensity interval training – repeatedly alternating short bursts of energy with brief, low-intensity activity – fall into …

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Six Reasons Why Aerobic Work Is Counterproductive By Charles Poliquin R.I.P

Aerobic Work charles poliquin

As a Strength Coach and a Personal Trainer for 15 years, I’ve had a chance to see many fitness enthusiasts workout at many gyms in my local area and throughout the country. At any given gym or fitness center, the one thing that I notice is how you see the same people doing the same workouts month after month, year after year. The amazing thing is that these people continue to look the same or they are actually looking worse aesthetically. This is especially true with the constant performance of continuous aerobic work. What’s sad about this is that they …

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