HIIT Workouts – How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time

HIIT workouts high-intensive interval training

What Is HIIT Workout, and why should it be so effective? As the name implies, HIIT workouts stand for high intensity interval training. The interval training includes the phases of regeneration and the load. This method is very powerful and shows significant success in increasing stamina, losing weight, and building muscle. We will answer all other important questions about HIIT workouts in the following article. The essentials Of HIIT Workouts in brief HIIT Workouts means “high-intensive interval training”, so it is a highly intensive interval training In training, the body gets stressed for a certain duration and then relieved directly …

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Explosive Muscle Growth With High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training

Okay before you all start sending me hate mail, no I haven’t totally gone crazy! For those of you who have a total disdain for the “volume” trainees that we share our gym time with, there is a version of High Intensity Training that incorporates high volume training into the mix. Commonly referred to as “Rest-pause training”, this style is really nothing more than high volume, low rep training taken to the extreme of reduced rest periods between sets. My personal favorite in this category is the 20 rep squat, which is what I’m going to describe to you here. …

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How To Stimulate Your Muscle Growth In 2020

muscle growth

Ok, so you haven’t made any muscle gains worth mentioning for the past few months. That’s probably a sign that you need to jump-start your muscle growth, both physically and mentally. It’s easy to get stuck in a comfortable routine – you know what’s coming up, and you know that you can handle it. Why disrupt that comfortable state of things? But wait, you are not pushing your body enough to build muscle and strength. Well, if you want to increase your muscle growth and get stronger, you better! Comfort Zone and Muscle Growth Basically, stop doing the things you …

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Shocking Lagging Body Parts!

Shocking Lagging Body Parts!

For all of those whose gains have either slowed down or stopped, I know how frustrating this can be. You feel like you want to quit, don’t know what you’re doing wrong, and often get suckered into some new routine based on little info or bought some useless supplement from a no-name company expecting to see great gains, but they never came. In this article, I’m going to explain new ways to Shocking Lagging Body Parts into growing and getting bigger and stronger. First, we must look at your diet. No matter what routine you use, how hard you do …

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