Acceleration Training The Best Way To Get Ripped And Lean

Thermodynamics is a workout that I use to get ripped, and transport nutrients more efficiently. The heat that is liberated from food is measured not only in its energy content but also of its tendency to be burned as heat which is the thermogenic effect.

Increased thermogenesis means increased heat production, oxygen consumption, and an increased metabolic rate. The more heat the body produces, the more oxygen it needs because heat cannot be liberated in the absence of oxygen.

Food efficiency is measured by how efficiently a particular food can be converted to body weight. The release of heat is measured by a calorie which is a unit of heat.

Assessing Exercise Intensity

ATP is the molecule that stores energy in a form that can be used for muscle contractions. Energy production revolves around rebuilding ATP molecules after they are broken down for energy utilization. Our bodies require a constant supply of ATP for the contraction; therefore, metabolic pathways must exist in the cell with the ability to produce ATP rapidly.

There are three metabolic pathways: the ATP/CP pathway, the glycolytic pathway, and the oxidative pathway. In order to induce the three pathways to work more efficiently, I keep my VO2 Max around 70%; this obviously increases heat production, in order, to increase the burn of your caloric intake.

A method for assessing exercise intensity is based on maximal heart rate. Like I said, I keep mine at 70% of the functional capacity of the VO2 Max. I use the Karvonen Formula to figure the THR (target heart rate).

It goes like this: first, you take 220 and subtract your age. This gives you a predicted, age-adjusted maximum. Next, subtract your resting heart rate (which equals your heart rate reserve), then multiply this by exercise intensity (.70, VO2 Max).

After this, add a resting heart rate. This will give you your target heart rate (beats per minute). One can do this by taking your pulse, but the simplest way is to use a watch that can measure this, or I use what is called the Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitor.

Your rest time between sets is vital during this type of workout; I try to stay at a minute or under while paying attention to the 70% rate. In the event I go over my VO2 Max, I increase my rest time in between sets. I also use compound sets and tri-sets for the same muscle to hit it at different angles for definition along with a ripped effect.

Compound Exercises & Tri-Sets:
Compound exercises, like squats, are exercises that involve two or more joint movements. These are usually better overall mass and strength builders.
Tri-sets involve doing three exercises in a row with no rest between sets until all 3 exercises of 1 complete set have been completed.

I go to complete failure during these sets then I monitor my rest time and THR. If you work two muscles per workout – mix them with the compound set which has the same effect.

acceleration training

This can be a plus because now your workout can be finished at a faster rate. I get a great pump with both, however, if you don’t have much time use the two different muscles with the compound set principle.

This really gets the blood flowing and the three pathways working a little harder. This, in turn, provides great nutrient transport and burns those calories. During this workout, however, make sure you don’t do too many of these sets because you want to avoid overtraining which would defeat your purpose.

Acceleration Training

Another point to take into consideration is to get as many muscle fibers to fire as possible. There are a number of ways to do this; one is explosive strength and acceleration. If starting strength is your ability to turn on as many motor units as possible, instantaneously, then explosive strength is your ability to leave them turned on.

I like to do deadlifts for this while working back. Acceleration training is best achieved by improving explosive strength which is your ability to turn on as many muscle fibers as possible and leave them on. In order to improve acceleration, you must compensatorily accelerate while you train.
Acceleration training should be started after a solid foundation of maximum strength has been achieved. It should come before improving starting strength and amortization, as acceleration training is gradual while others are ballistic in nature.

On all pushing movements, I use a short range of motion which in turn provides constant tension on the muscle and helps to prevent injuries. Keep this in mind while doing shoulder presses and benching, or you might tweak or tear something while accelerating.

Nitric Oxide & Energy

Now getting back to the three pathways for nutrient transport that this type of workout is supposed to maximize. There are many nitric oxide products out there that give you mind-blowing energy which floods your system with power inducing N.O. substrates.

These products ignite the roadmap vascularity with vain dilation resulting in nutrient delivery; they elevate blood levels of polyamines, growth hormones and insulin.

While you are using these you need to switch them every so often because your body will adjust to one of them; the body can adjust to about anything.

The N.O. products let me take in more grams in my pre-load protein shake – which I bump up to 80 grams – due to the dilation and increased workload of the three pathways. However, the rest of the day I only take in about 25-40 grams of protein at a time. Protein makes a body hard and increases lean muscle mass.


The whole point is to make the three pathways work more efficiently for nutrient delivery. Plus you can increase your caloric intake, especially, the protein pre-load with N.O. products. As for the workout itself, your rest time is of great importance to keep your VO2 max where it should be (70%).

Using compound sets and tri-sets will hit different angles of the muscle, or both muscles if you decide to combine (in that case remember to use the compound set principle). All these factors together will make your body more defined, lean and ripped. This workout is easy to overtrain so watch your THR and don’t use too many of these set types.

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