How Much Muscle Can You Gain In A Month?

Most people who join the gym do so in the hope of seeing big changes in their bodies. Often, our expectations are unrealistic, we immediately expect big changes, and we never stop thinking that our body needs a process to build muscle. Many people leave the gym frustrated with muscle growth they do not notice, and the results are never immediate and require effort.

The amount of muscle that can be gained depends on many different factors, such as diet, exercise time, the training schedule, or genetics. However, from the multitude of studies that have been conducted on the ability to build muscle, we can say the average in which a person increases their muscle mass. Would you like to know what it is? In the following article, we explain How Much Muscle Can You Gain In A Month?

What influences muscle growth?

How Much Muscle Can You Gain In A Month?

So we have already explained, there are several factors that influence muscle growth. Of course, the workout routine is as important as the diet. Assuming that you meet both of these requirements, we will explain below what factors can increase or decrease muscle mass:

If you are new or experienced

It is much more normal among the people who start exercising that the gains that occur at the first symptoms are much higher than those that have been exercising for years. Therefore, the speed at which the muscle adapts slows down with the speed of the muscle.

A beginner can earn about 6, 8 kg within six months, that is 1, 1 per month. While for beginners, this increase is 3, 54 kg in 6 months or 0, 56 kg per month.

Athletes who have worked out in the gym should lower their muscle-building expectations as this growth leap is completely priceless. In fact, after three years, the person experiencing stagnation is very normal but can be undone by changing the training style and subsequent diet. The next section will tell you how much weight you can earn per month, depending on your training years.

Depending on the genetics

Genetics is crucial for muscle growth; it affects both the speed at which we build muscle and the maximum growth we can achieve. Various studies have shown that with a selection of different people grouped by gender and age criteria, the same workout and diet could have a lot of similarities or big differences in muscle growth.

How much muscle can be gained in a month?

  • In the first year of training, you have a potential muscle gain of 10 to 12 kg per year, ie, from 0, 8 to 1 kg per month.
  • In the second year of training, you have a potential muscle gain of 4 to 6 kg per year, one per month.
  • In the third year of training, you have a potential gain of 2 to 3 kg of muscle per year, that is, per month.
  • In the fourth year of training, you have a potential gain of 1 to 2 kg of muscle per year, ie, per month.

How much muscle can you gain in a month?

Do you wonder how much muscle can you gain in a month? This is really a wrong question, as the weight can increase in different ways and some of them are not satisfactory. These include weight gain or retention fluids. That means we can workout in the gym to gain muscle, but not all of the weight we gain is muscle mass, but it can be fluid or fat. This is a trap that many beginners often fall into.

A quick way to find out if the weight we are gaining, containing fat or being a pure muscle, is to measure the weight we have from month to month. If you gain more than 1.8 kg per month, there is no doubt that not everything is muscular. Therefore, it is recommended to measure body fat regularly in order to know how this growth occurs. You should know that it is almost inevitable to not gain fat; in fact, this is not bad. The problem is when this amount is too high. Then you should change your diet.

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