How To Gain Mass Muscle This Summer

Well, I have been in search of some serious mass this summer. I decided to write an article describing my program and plans. I have planned out all the aspects of my training and nutrition.

This should be very helpful for people who want to pack on serious muscle. Read it over, but make sure you read it twice, just to decipher what the reader said. Reader, you ask? And I’m the one that doesn’t proofread? I don’t think he got past his initial paragraph.

Training For Mass Gain

My plans are very much the opposite of what a lot of people think. I realize this, and I just don’t care. I train the way I like, and I make gains. My plans are as follows:

Use a very short rep range (4-6), in a HIGH VOLUME workout ūüôā

Eat a lot, approximately 3500-4000 calories (about 60% carbs, 30%protein, and 10% fat)

Alternate workout schedules every two weeks (just to switch off schedules, and, if nothing else, eliminate boredom)

If you already don’t like the way I train, and you aren’t going to like my article, then don’t read it. If you read on and still hate it, please, write a friendly letter, or contact “the posse” to write a nice little review for you:).

Just remember all I want to become is someone marked by persevering, painstaking effort, using work or energy day in and day out to effectively tear down muscle fibers over extended periods of intense fatiguing movements:). Of course, I wouldn’t say that in public, nobody is that much of a fruit:).

This is my workout plan:

Back Biceps
Dead Lift Р4x 3-5 reps Barbell Curls Р5x 4-6
Pulldowns to the front Р4x 6-8 Dumbbell Curls Р4x 6-8
Pulley Rows Р4x 6-8  
Dumbbell Rows Р4x 6-8  
Chest Shoulders
Barbell Bench Press Р3x 3-5 Lateral Raises Р4x 8-10
Incline Bench Press Р3x 4-6 Bent Laterals Р4x 8-10
Dumbbell Press (flat/incline) Р3x 6-8 Dumbbell Press Р3x 4-6
Triceps Forearms
* Pressdowns Р4x 6-8
Reverse Grip Pressdowns Р4x 6-8
Wrist curls Р4x 4-6
1 arm Pulldowns Р4x 6-8 Wrist roller
Skull Crushers Р4x 6-8 Wack It (Just kidding!)

* Superset

Traps Abs
Upright Rows Р4x 4-6 Crunches Р4x 20
Dumbbell Shrugs Р4x 6-8 Reverse Crunches Р4x 20
  Medicine Ball Р4 x50

* Medicine ball twists, they really burn my obliques.

Thighs Calves
Leg Press Р4x 6-8 Standing Calf Raise Р5x 4-6
Leg Extension Р4x 10-12 Leg Press Calf Raise Р3x 6-8
Leg Curl Р5x 8-10  
Squat Р5x 6-8  

I am going to try doing each muscle group twice per week, and see if it works better than the one per week I have always used. If it yields better results, I will stick with it. If I don’t gain much strength or mass, I will go back to once per week. Now, on to the nutritional aspect of this program:

Now, I plan to eat 60% carbs, 30% protein, and 10% fat. I read in a study, who deals with the nutritional needs of athletes and bodybuilders, that to build one pound of muscle, you need to eat 2500 calories. it claims that you should consume most of these calories from carbohydrates.

Supplements For Mass Gain

The last area I wanted to cover was the supplements I am going to use. I will be using EAS Simply Protein,¬†L-Glutamine, and¬†Creatine. Other than that, there isn’t much to talk about in the training or nutrition aspects.

On a different note: When I say that I would take size over knowledge, how am I contradicting myself when I say that I am not lucky enough to be that big, not even needing to know about training or nutrition, not to need to do my own research to get big. My point is, I have to research to get big, but if I had the choice of being big or having knowledge on the subject, I would take big.

I strongly disagree with being able to have a hardcore workout doing 2 sets of 2 exercises per body part. Pushing past your limit, going out until you feel like your dead, that’s hardcore. Not 20 minutes then hit the shower workouts.

Listen: If someone goes out and writes a 4-page article review on someone else, you know two things. Those two things are the fact that they have no life, and they have a problem with you. I realize that there are a certain two people who do have a problem with me. One of them happens to be a know-it-all, and the other one sucks up to him. They insulted me throughout the whole article, and I don’t put up with things like that.

They can make fun of me all they want, but that was just crap. People, make your own decisions regarding health and nutrition, based on the facts. That was what I was trying to get at by writing the¬†new thought article. I gave you my beliefs, which obviously differ from others’. People don’t like a man that speaks the truth. It shows in the review written in my article.

It’s ok to be the most outspoken person in a community. That way, people know you aren’t afraid to speak your mind.