How To Optimize Your Physique And Health In 2020 Through Diet

Are you ready to take the first step towards a year-round beach body? If so it would be wise to continue reading and learn how to change your physique and perform at your potential! Beach season is once again just around the corner so you can’t be hiding the layer of winter’s insulation much longer.

Hop on board and let me take you on a healthful hiatus from all of those fad diets.

Aside from an intense workout regimen, what you put in your mouth is essential for a knockout body that is healthy from the inside out. As all fitness buffs know, solely pushing iron to achieve these goals is akin to riding a bike with a flat tire; sure, it will work, but it is not very efficient.

It is impossible to negate the fact that the proper nutrition program is essential to build muscle, allow for proper recovery, and maintain health.

A sound nutrition program will allow you to achieve those goals, as quickly and safely as possible! The difference between and most other programs is that it does not implicate a specific blanket calorie level for all individuals, forgetting that the majority of Americans are lazy couch potatoes.

Instead, it lays out guidelines that are important to think about at mealtime, helping you maintain and even improve your physique and health on a continual basis.

Here are just a few key tips, which make this program optimal for enhancing your physique and health:

  • Ideal for packing on slabs of muscle
  • Can help strip away fat to show off that hard-earned muscle
  • Fad-free approach to eating
  • No foods are eliminated
  • Occasional cheating on the program is important
  • Can improve physical fitness
  • Can improve health

What To Eat To Optimize A Physique


This is not another low carb gimmick plan guaranteed to “help” you gain muscle mass.

Carbohydrates represent the primary macronutrient consumed by Americans. And rightly so!

Emphasis on fiber-rich, nutrient-dense carbohydrates is a must. Processed carbohydrates such as white rice and pasta should be limited (not eliminated). This plan takes this fact into account and gives specific recommendations (see below) to promote the proper consumption of whole grains, i.e., oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain cereals, etc.

Fruits and vegetables also fall into the carbohydrate group and are an essential component of anyone’s diet regimen. No diet plan, unless for a specific medical reason, should EVER recommend a reduction in fruit or vegetable intake.

Unfortunately, there are many programs that do just that! One of the easiest ways to include extra fruit in your diet is to mix them right in with your favorite protein powder.


Speaking of protein, it is well known that not all proteins are created equal; white meat poultry, assorted fish, and whey are much different sources of protein (with regards to health in particular) than beef, pork, dark meat poultry, and whole eggs.

Therefore, there are better protein choices that you can make. Thus, for the high-carbohydrate crowd to “condemn” protein as if it is the dietary boogeyman ignores the fact that not all proteins have the same effects.


As essential and crucial as carbs and proteins are, fat also cannot be forgotten as it plays a dramatic role in the outcome of your physique. Do you want your body to rival that of a chiseled statue or rival that of the high school chess champion?

If you answered the statue, you better include some healthy fats on a daily basis; however, if you would rather look like the chess champion, put this magazine down and check out the newest comic book as that is more geared towards you!

Fats such as fish oil, fax oil, and olive oil have distinct properties that make them important for anyone interested in optimizing his or her health and improving their physique. Several studies have also demonstrated that increasing dietary fat may increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone is just one of the many essential hormones that is a necessary entity for putting on or at least maintaining your densely muscled physique.


Another important aspect of any nutritional regimen is fluid intake; it, unfortunately, seems to be forgotten in most other programs! Sure, you can’t build muscle without enough calories and protein; but the most important nutrient is actually water.

Just as carbohydrate, protein, and fat are important components of one’s daily food regimen, water cannot be forgotten.

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