Conjugated Linoleic Acid: CLA Overview, Benefits and Side Effects

conjugated linoleic acid

Americans are always looking for the magic pill that will help lower body weight and body fat without having to make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Even Gaullier noted that caloric intake had decreased from the beginning of the study to the end by about 250 per day, which required a significant change in lifestyle even if it did not affect the results of the study. Before you run out and fill your pantry with supplements intended to promote weight loss, make sure you are committed to making it a permanent lifestyle change! Conjugated Linoleic Acid Conjugated linoleic acid …

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Astragalus Benefits – The Herb That Cures Any Disease


Astragalus is a herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of conditions and illnesses, including upper respiratory infection, fatigue, cancer, and heart disease. According to modern Chinese medicine, Astragalus is believed to strengthen all the body systems and is especially useful for treating conditions that cause fatigue, similar to Ginseng. It is prescribed for everything from high blood pressure to heart disease and diabetes. Studies conducted on Astragalus show that it helps to promote and improve immune function, increasing the strength of T cells. In studies on mice, it was found that Astragalus …

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Muscle Gain – The Full Guide To Build More Muscle In Less Time

muscle gain

In my opinion, nutrition is being 60% of the equation when it came to muscle gain in the off-season. 25% of the equation is, you guessed it, weight training. Going to the gym and hitting the weights hard day after day is crucial for muscle gains and when trying to pack on more muscle. But the readers of this website want to do more than just gaining more muscle. We want to get downright huge. As I plan to build muscle and strength, I want to focus on muscle gain for the next few months. I have developed a training routine …

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Arms Workout – An Ultimate Workout For Ultimate Arms

Arm workout

Arm workout can be more complicated than larger body parts such as legs, back, or chest. If you think about it, your arms are relatively small in comparison to the rest of your body. When I first began training, I believed that in order to have strong arms, I needed to lift as much weight as possible and perform challenging core workouts. Through the years and several injuries later, I have learned that weight is not as important as actually feeling the muscle working. You want your muscles, not your joints, to lift the weight. However, some of the above-mentioned …

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Best Weight Loss Tips For A Proper Weight Loss Program

Best Weight Loss Tips

This week I would like to give everyone some very simple and effective tips to help you burn fat and firm up. Once again it is important to realize that a successful weight loss program should have 3 main components. The three important aspects of getting in shape are: 1 – Proper Nutrition. A nutritional program that avoids the 3 demons: salt, sugar, and fat. 2 – Proper Nutritional Supplements. Nutrients aid in the process of burning fat, maintaining muscle, reducing water retention, and increasing energy. 3 – Proper Exercise. As I have recommended before, you should join a health club and have a …

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Faster Way To Fat Loss – Losing Fat In 2021

Faster Way To Fat Loss

Fat…Fat…Fat! It accumulates on the waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, and back of the arms in some cases. Almost every one of us has struggled with too much body fat at one time or another. We all want and need to know the secrets to get rid of excess body fat. As I have said many times in previous articles, it all boils down to a three-point program. #1– Proper Nutrition. #2– Proper Nutritional Supplements. #3– Regular Exercise. Fat Loss Nutrition Let’s concentrate on the basics of nutrition this week. The key element in a healthy fat loss program is to …

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How To Get Big Arms Fast – Get Professional Arms In 2021

how to get big arms fast

How to get big arms fast, the biceps, triceps and forearms must be trained into huge, proportional mounds of muscle. The triceps contain two-thirds of your upper arm’s overall mass while the biceps contains the other one third. It is very important that you hit all three muscle groups with a variety of different exercises and apply several useful training techniques including Forced Reps, Continuous Tension, Cheating, Isolation and Super-sets between opposing muscle groups. The greatest advantage when it comes to training arms is that motivation is usually not a problem. When it comes to bodybuilding, mass is just the …

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10 Bodybuilding Tips To A Better Physique!

Bodybuilding Tips

Our goal is to constantly feed your body with muscle-building, fat-burning nutrients. Eat six small meals or shakes per day. Do not go over 3 – 4 hours between each meal. You want to speed up your metabolism. Eating small meals often inhibits your body from storing excess food as body fat. Cardiovascular activity plays an important role in the burning of excess body fat. Cardiovascular activities should be done for a minimum of 30 minutes, 4 times per week. The two best times to do cardio are first thing in the morning before eating breakfast and right before bed. …

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The Best Biceps And Triceps Workout – Get Bigger Arms In 2021

biceps and triceps

Combining the Biceps and the Triceps gives the same great results, and according to some even better, than training them separately. And this obviously saves you a training day every week. I’m an isolative freak. I’ve seen the benefit of giving muscles separate training days. Increased concentration, increased intensity and increased pump. Muscles respond better if you give them the attention they deserve and need. But training Biceps and Triceps together needn’t be a negative thing, in fact, it has several uses you couldn’t achieve when training them alone. Of course, we need to outline a few rules to do …

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Ectomorph Workout Plan For Skinny Guys


If you’re skinny and an ectomorph, then it’s natural that you’ll want to get bigger. It is not an easy task; in fact, it can be tough. It can also be fun and fulfilling. You have to know what to do and what not to do, this is why I am giving this ectomorph workout plan for you. I will layout some of the basics of weight training as a beginner and what you should do and look out for. This is just a general guideline you’ll find in this ectomorph workout plan, but a lot of people don’t know …

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