The First Five Steps Of Getting Fit And Lean

It is something that we all desire – to have that perfect shape that turns all the heads. Today there seem to be more claims of magic pills and false shortcuts about how you can get yourself in shape faster and easier.

The truth is; it is getting more and more difficult to get lean. In this world of highly processed, fast food, you are often left out in the cold on obtaining that rock hard set of abs. There are some simple steps that you can take to achieving that fit body that you always wanted to have.

Step 1
Educate yourself about the proper basic rules of fitness. Give up on the idea that there is a short cut. Calories in versus calories out are the fundamental basis of any successful lean body. If something doesn’t make common sense then it probably is not right.

It is very important to eat foods low in fat and foods that are fresh. There are no absolute shortcuts about this process and taking a pill to make up for poor dietary choices, is a futile effort.

Step 2

Clean house by removing all of the foods that are in your house, including alcohol that represents a self-destructive process. You should be aware, that if you do not live by yourself, this type of behavior is often not accepted by other parties. If you do live with someone, discuss the entire process prior to its implementation.

If you have some comfort food around, give it away or toss it in the trash. Don’t buy any more junk food and if you are the leader of the pack, restrict anything that is detrimental to your health from entering the house again. Think about it, you wouldn’t let your children or any loved one eat or drink anything harmful, so keep the temptation from entering the house.

Step 3

Stop eating out on a daily basis. Foods from restaurants are often loaded with sodium and are higher in fats. If you have to take a cooking class, to learn how to prepare healthy meals, then it’s just as important as learning the best ab exercise to do.

Americans spend approximately 40% of their income on eating out. I often hear individuals tell me, I don’t know how to cook, it is too easy and that is just an excuse. Take charge of this point of your life.

You might burn a few eggs and toss away a couple more, but in the end, your mistakes will make you a better person. Instead of reading that next novel, try taking up a low-calorie cookbook, or read some information online that is available at this website.

Step 4

Start by organizing your life and your time. Most exercise programs and diets will fail because of one basic reason, lack of planning. If you know that you are going to be going over to a relative’s house and they usually have lots of fatty foods, then eat ahead of time.

Make sure your grandmother knows how important it is for you to eat the food that you have. Let her help prepare it if she wants, since food is an expression of love in many cultures and not accepting it, is considered rude.

    Take the time to prepare your food ahead of time several times a week. Carry your food with you. The best athletes can tell you what they are going to eat two hours from right now and they usually have their food with them in a cooler.

Step 5

Be consistent with your life. Don’t put everyone and everything out of your life, just for your training and diet. Find a balance and make sure to work as hard at showing your loved ones that you care. Put forth an effort to show others how much you can help yourself, but still effectively function as a member of a family.

I know several champions who sacrifice their jobs, families, faith, and other important aspects of their lives, in their quest to become a success. Many times our families do not understand why we sacrifice so much. Many times our families often reject our seemingly obsessive-compulsive behavior, simply due to facts that they are often alienated in lieu of our own personal quest.


Getting yourself in shape is a very important endeavor and can often lead to you saving your own life. The best thing, if you are a personal trainer, physician, parent or some other role model, is to have a positive effect on the people around you. Your positive attitude, general lifestyle improvement, should have an effect on other people around you that makes them feel comfortable with you and makes them want to idolize you. That is when you know you have stepped forward and become successful.

Look at the thousands of people that Arnold Schwarzenegger has positively affected in his life. Arnold is likely one of the greatest icons in fitness, mostly due to his intoxicating personality and positive attitude. If Arnold suggests to you to do something about your diet or recommends a particular way to workout, many people who are not even in the world of bodybuilding, follow his lead to a tee.

In my opinion, that is when you are truly stepping into the right round of fitness. Live by an example; take the right steps to get started. Live your life with balance and learn to be a positive influence on others.

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