Lipo 6 Reviews – The Most Efficient Fat-Burner In 2021

If you’re trying to field through the wide selections of fat burners currently on the market, you’ve likely heard about Nutrex Lipo 6.

Nutrex Lipo 6

Is it worth your money? What does it have to offer you in terms of helping you burn off that fat that’s still lingering around?

Here’s what.

First, realize that this is an ephedra-free product. Right away, this should alleviate many individuals’ fears, who worry about what ephedra does to the body and whether it’s safe or not for them to be taking.

What you will find in Lipo 6, however, is:


Synephrine is an ingredient that you’ll find in many fat burners and acts similarly to ephedra, with its main influence to increase energy levels, ramp up the metabolic rate, and therefore, enhance the fat loss process. Synephrine itself is derived from the fruit called Bitter Orange (or Citrus aurantium).


Almost no fat burner would be complete without the inclusion of caffeine. Caffeine increases alertness levels, enhances energy, and increases NEAT in some people (fidgeting types of movements). All of these can be translated to more calories burned for you over the day, which then equates to greater fat loss.

Remember that caffeine is an addictive substance., so while on Lipo 6, you may want to cut your intake of other things you consume that contain caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, etc.).


Guggulsterones is an ingredient that has been used for many, many years and is now being shown to be effective in helping with fat burning.

Another benefit that this ingredient has is that it supports a healthy thyroid gland and ensures that your main hormones, T3 and T4, are working in a normal healthy range. This is incredibly important in the maintenance of a healthy metabolic rate, which is without a doubt critical in the fat loss game.


Another ingredient you’ll find in Lipo 6 is Bioperine, which is an extract of black pepper. The main function Bioperine has is the increased absorption of other supplements, meaning they will work more effectively with your system.

In addition to that, it will also help to increase the absorption of the foods you are eating as well, meaning you’ll get even more from your diet. When you are trying to lose body fat, you’re typically eating a lowered calorie intake which can be associated with nutrient deficiencies (since it’s hard to get in all the vitamins and minerals on less food); this can really be advantageous when it comes to your overall health.


Finally, the last critical ingredient in Lipo 6 that helps it deliver you the results you’re looking for is Yohimbe. Yohimbe has a couple of benefits. First, it acts as a vasodilator, helping get blood to the tissues in need. When you’ve just completed a hard workout, this is going to help your muscles receive the nutrients they need from your post-workout meal.

Additionally, another big benefit that Yohimbe has is to increase blood flow to the extremities and appendages. For those who have dieted down to low body fat percentages already, or perhaps you are already noticing this when you get quite lean, certain normal activities diminish.

Taking Yohimbe can improve this – after all, for many of you, one of the primary reasons for leaning out is to be more attractive to the opposite gender, so obviously, you do not want this to come at the expense of certain normal activities.

It should be noted, though, that Yohimbe should be taken with precaution by those who currently suffer from certain health problems to ensure that no negative effects are experienced.


So, if you are looking for a good all-around, ephedra-free fat burner, Lipo 6 is a good option. With plenty of testimonials to back this product, it works quite well for most individuals.