Building Muscle 24 Hours Per Day In 2020! Is That Possible?

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Hi Guys, I’ve been getting involved in some of the discussions on fitness and bodybuilding forums since 15 years ago. One of the things that comes up more often than not is the question of what to have before bed to keep the “Anabolic Drive” going all night. Well, to be quite honest, there isn’t anything that is going to last the 8-10 hours you’re asleep. It only takes roughly 4 hours for your body to slip into a post-absorptive (catabolic) state. I believe that I’ve come up with a simple technique that is not only effective and potent but …

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The Best Legal Steroids For Building Muscle in 2021

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Do you love those muscle-bound bodybuilders and wish to be one of those? Have you tried working out in the gym but have totally given up for those unnoticeable results after months? Are you looking for legal steroids or bodybuilding supplements that can help you speed up your muscle growth? If yes, then do you know what supplement is right for you, or the supplement needed by your body at this time? If no, then what are we for? There are hundreds of choices for all those willing to cut, bulk, or enhance their stamina. Yes, the supplement industry is …

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Clenbuterol Reviews – Best Fat Burner In 2020


Clenbuterol has recently become one of the most popular fat burners on the market. This is due in part to the hype that it has been receiving in the tabloid magazines since the celebrities have begun using it for weight loss. Its original use was for asthma and other breathing conditions. In most cases, the tablet form is preferred over the liquid, and the most common dosage is 20mcg. Yet 40mcg is also available now. Lately, it seems as though all of the Hollywood starlets are striving to be a size zero. It is only natural that their fans have …

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The Best Vitamins For Bodybuilding In 2020 (Muscle Gain And fat loss)

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Vitamins A, B, C, D, and vitamin E are essential nutrients for bodybuilding. They catalyze reactions throughout the body, allowing you to build muscle and burn fat. Unfortunately, due to fast-paced lifestyles and poor nutritional choices, many people do not take in optimal levels of these important vitamins. Luckily, there are many options for supplementation. These include multivitamins and other sources for further supplementation. VITAMIN A Vitamin A exists as retinol and beta carotene, which is a vitamin A precursor found in yellow and green vegetables, egg yolks, animal liver, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, apricots, and winter squash. Vitamin A …

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How Natural Are You?

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This is still very much the question these days. It’s one thing to stay away from illegal muscle-enhancing substances and all that they bring with them, but in my eyes that doesn’t make you any more natural. As long as you treat your body as something you can fill up with spare parts, like an old junkyard car, you are nothing but a person without respect for his body. If you have the right genetics this will rarely hinder you in your progress but you’ll feel it later in life when you start wearing out. Being natural does not just …

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The Best Protein To Build Muscle And Grow in 2020


Like the majority of serious bodybuilders and athletes, I used to eat a ton of protein, 300 or more grams a day, most from protein supplements. Even though I spent a ton of time working out hard too, I saw less than optimal changes. The question is why? After years of intensive research and experimentation, I’ve finally figured out what the “secret” is: There’s a muscle-building equation that you’ve got to satisfy in order to get bigger, and most protein supplements are addressing only half of it. At best, they’re only giving you 50% of the muscle gains you’re capable of achieving. Many …

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Creatine Absorption – How Creatine Really Works?


A world-class lifting friend of mine had a very significant “occurrence” with creatine once. He was trying to mix creatine with phosphorous, to make phosphocreatine, which is what the body uses to make massive gains in endurance and size. He found the creatine, but went to a veterinarian-grade magazine and bought 2 kilos of phosphorus. A few weeks later he was in my clinic, complaining about extreme stomachaches. I explained to him that he wasn’t a horse, in spite of his desire to eat and act like one; that he remained a human and that he was basically eating soap. …

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Jump Start 2020? Physique Transformation Guide

Jump Start 2020? Physique Transformation Guide

ff you are serious about making significant changes to your physique and health in 2020 then make sure you check out both! To succeed in 2020 you are going to need to pay attention to 3 main areas: Motivation Nutrition Training 1. Motivation Completely transforming your body and life takes both time and determination. One characteristic that unites all people who undergo physique transformations is “emotional reasoning.” To do something extraordinary with your body you can’t do it for just any reason like: “It would be nice to be 10lbs heavier.” You need to find a reason that you identify …

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Alanine – The Essential NonEssential Amino Acid

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The emphasis these days has shifted to specific amino acids over the use of others. For example, the essential amino acids, and especially leucine are considered important and many feel that the other amino acids aren’t necessary. Others feel that a few of the conditionally essential amino acids, such as glutamine and arginine are also extremely important for maximizing body composition and exercise performance. But that’s not the case. All of the amino acids are important in one way or another and ignoring can be a big mistake. WHAT CAN ALANINE DO FOR ME? Let’s take alanine for example. Most …

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Ephedrine A Powerful Fat Loss Plant, What Is It?

Ephedrine/Ephedra/Ephedra Alkaloids - What Are They?

Ephedra has two active Ephedra Alkaloids; Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine. Ma Huang and even street drugs like “Ecstacy” are terms used to refer to the same substance derived from the plant Ephedra. This shrub-like plant is usually found in desert regions in central Asia and other parts of the world. The plant’s leaves and some stalks are dried and processed for medicinal purposes. Ephedra makes Ephedrine, which is an FDA-regulated asthma medication. Many times Pseudoephedrine is offered as a chemically altered substance to curb the ill effects of the drug, but it is still a stimulant. The EAC Stack (Ephedrine, Aspirin, …

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