The Greatest Tips To Build A Six-Pack Abs!

Everyone wants to know how to get six-pack abs that look like a washboard. The whole world seems obsessed with getting a smaller waistline and with good reason. Over 1/3 of all children are overweight, the number one killer is heart disease and there is more stress in the world right now than most of us can handle on a daily basis.

Chances are if you aren’t out of work, then you are worried about the next paycheck. If you own a business, then you worry about the market or the prospect of new clients coming in the door. It all adds up to a tubby stomach that just never seems to go away.

The Six-Pack Abs Stuff On The Market

There are more abdominal machines on the market than any other exercise device. It is really amazing how every station has some commercial on about how to get those six-pack abs you have always dreamed of with this simple machine, in just minutes a day.

Well, the idea that some exercise device is going to slam you with six-pack abs is just foolish. Making the television commercial only requires some money, a device/gimmick, a premade model with six-pack abs (available at any national competition), and a lot of hype.

No university study is going to show that some abdominal machine is going to work, while you eat like a pig and don’t live a healthy fitness lifestyle. You are better off getting a tummy tuck!

The Tricks To Get Six-Pack Abs

While there may not be any easy fix it, there are some simple things that you can do to improve your six-pack abs. It starts with a simple, but effective trick. The old “sucking the gut in” has more benefits than you know.

Suck In The Gut:

As most of us gain and lose weight, the wall of the internal abdomen is stretched and it lies out farther and farther as we age. No surprise that everything starts to sag on you as you get older. If you are female and ever gave birth to children, then that area has been stretched beyond belief, but there is hope.

Other factors associated with stomach sag are medications, such as anti-depressants and birth control pills. The more processed foods we eat and the more we eat high trans fat and high fructose corn syrup, the more the belly fat will grow

Years ago, a simple device was available that actually worked. Weider was well known for their belt buckle that looked like a 45-pound plate. It had a simple design, in that it had a vibrating device in it, and a pressure switch on the back of the plate.

Corn syrup does not require insulin-like glucose and starts to convert to fat very quickly. That is a primary reason why America has lost control of its waistline after the soda makers changed over to high fructose corn syrup. It is cheaper, and it tastes sweeter, so you use less of it than sucrose (table sugar).

As you would let your stomach relax, the pressure of your stomach would set off the switch and the buckle would vibrate. Keep your stomach sucked in, it would stop the vibration. A simple reminder helped you perform an isometric contraction all day long.

So give it a try, for the remainder of this article, keep your stomach sucked in, while you continue to read. There are lots of times you can work on keeping your stomach pulled in, Folding laundry, walking, during exercise, picking up socks, carrying groceries, are all great times to keep your stomach tight and firm.

The result is an increased abdominal tone, that will make you look instantly slimmer and it also helps to protect your lower back muscles.

The abdomen has several layers of muscle and we obviously only see the outer layer or the rectus abdominis; however, several other layers exist and deeper layers are made of fascia or connective tissues.

These are difficult to get to return to a smaller size, once they have been stretched, but it isn’t impossible, It all starts with you learning to hold in that stomach. You are still holding that stomach in right? Do it harder, pull it in more.

Build Correct Posture

Posture is often something that Chiropractors yell at you about and your second-grade teacher, drill sergeants, and the occasional nun. Sit up straight, eyes front, are all things they tell us to do. Well, they are right.

Standing with your back to the wall, place your butt muscles, heels, shoulders and rear of your head against the wall, suck in that gut, then practice walking away and holding that position.

Studies have shown that simply by standing up straighter, sitting up straighter, holding your shoulders back, we actually appear better to other people. We actually feel better too, there is more about our overall attitude that changes with even holding the correct posture.

Sitting correctly results in a 150% pressure on the spine, slumping over increases that pressure by over 50%, Now if you add the effects of sitting up straight and holding in your stomach, then you decrease the pressure by almost 88%.

Tighten The Six-Pack Abs

Now the last trick we are going to talk about is simple. Learn to keep that stomach pulled in while you are exercising and more so while you are working those abs. This allows for coordination of the internal abdominal layers and results in more muscle fibers working together to maintain a smaller waistline.

The way your stomach looks is more closely related to the foods that you eat, or rather don’t eat. Your age and general physical condition will also play a higher role in that smaller waist.


Get online now and order some proteins and get some good vegetables and start spreading your meals out to allow for proper digestion, Stay away from starchy foods like bread, pasta, cereals and that will be a greater role on the road to the little waistline.

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