Explosive Muscle Growth With High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training

Okay before you all start sending me hate mail, no I haven’t totally gone crazy! For those of you who have a total disdain for the “volume” trainees that we share our gym time with, there is a version of High Intensity Training that incorporates high volume training into the mix. Commonly referred to as “Rest-pause training”, this style is really nothing more than high volume, low rep training taken to the extreme of reduced rest periods between sets. My personal favorite in this category is the 20 rep squat, which is what I’m going to describe to you here. …

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The Best German Volume Training Routine For 2020?

What is German Volume Training

What is the best German volume training routine? We are going to share clear and concise ideas about this training system, the workouts, and who it would benefit the most. Learn more right here! German Volume Training What Is German Volume Training & Who Would Benefit From This Technique? Who Would Not Benefit? German Volume Training (GVT) is also known as the “Ten sets method” because it employs ten sets of ten reps of one exercise for each muscle group. The “German” comes from the fact that it has origins in the countries of Eastern Europe. First popularized by weightlifting …

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