Resistance Training And Rest Periods – New Research Could Mean You Building More Muscle!

Resistance Training And Rest Periods

There is a lot of information out there about the best way to gain muscle mass. It can be confusing. I decided to look for the best information I could find in articles from scientific journals. Here is what I came up with. Resistance Training And Hypertrophy Studies have shown that high volume resistance training incorporating short inter-set rest periods produces significant short-term elevations in human growth hormone (HGH) following the completion of resistance training exercise 4,5,7. Based upon these studies, high volume/short rest resistance training has been accepted as the gold standard in resistance training for muscular hypertrophy. Unfortunately, despite HGH’s well …

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Negatives For Extreme Muscle Building And Strength Gains


Introducing The Negatives Mechanical loading of your muscles is one of the key principles on which your training should be based. For a long time, however, muscle fatigue has been relied upon as a gauge for the effectiveness of one’s training. According to tradition, one must work the muscles to momentary muscular failure so as to cause as many muscle fibers as possible to receive a growth stimulus. Often it is suggested that the fast-twitch, or white, muscle fibers are not even called into action until the last few repetitions of a set. As discussed in support of Hypertrophy-Specific Training, …

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Fiber Type Training: What Type Of Muscle Fiber Are You?

If you know what type of muscle fiber you have then training programs can be better designed. Here I am going to talk a little about that. It should help clear up a lot of questions. the first thing that happens in a question like this is to ask you what “grow very well?” For a simple answer, I am assuming that you can’t gain more than one pound of lean mass per year. There are three types of skeletal muscle fiber: Slow twitch (Red) Fast twitch (White) Intermediate twitch (Grey) To best show what they do look at this …

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How To Build Muscle Fast? 4 Golden Keys For Pure Muscle Gains

how to build muscle fast

Building fast muscles is one of the most common goals of many athletes. Many train week by week and make little progress. This is frustrating and can cause the dumbbell to be hung up again. What does it take to build muscle fast? In this article, I’ll show you the three key points To Build Muscle Fast  How to build muscle fast with progressive load The body adapts to the stimulus that is put to it. For example, if you go into the sun for 15 minutes, the body reacts to the stimulus and makes the skin darker. Are you …

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