Testofuel Reviews 2022 – Why It Is The Best Testosterone Booster?

My sex drive had changed gear, it was now in reverse.

The previous roaring libido engine was now just vaguely ticking over, about to stall at any moment. I assumed that there was something severely wrong with my equipment.

This caused me stress, worry, and concern. I assumed that this was now going to be the norm for the rest of my life.

Recalling an article I’d read a couple of months before on testosterone boosters, I decided to give TestoFuel a try.

It turbocharged my beneath-the-bonnet motor, fuelling my sexual desire.

This TestoFuel review gives you the whole incredible story.

What Is TestoFuel?

Testofuel is a testosterone booster.

In short, a serving of four capsules, taken daily, which aim to increase your body’s concentration of the most important androgen of all testosterone.

The manufacturers, Roar Ambition, have put together a supplement containing nothing but natural ingredients. Most importantly, these compounds are backed by science for their testosterone-raising powers.

Aimed primarily at the bodybuilding market due to testosterone’s ability to enhance muscle growth it’s also suitable for men who:

  • Are over 18 looking to raise their testosterone count.
  • Find their sexual desire is lacking.
  • Suffer from low energy levels.
  • Are finding their erections are less than impressive.
  • Need to drop weight.

The good news is that TestoFuel can be purchased over the counter requiring no embarrassing visits to the doctor.

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How Testo Fuel Works?

You’re a big boy so I know you can handle the truth:

Bro, your testosterone is dropping at this very moment.

As we age, our testosterone levels are continually on the decline. In your late teens, they hit around 900 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter) but by the age of 40, they’ve already dropped to 400 ng/dl.

TestoFuel acts to counteract this downhill trend by:

  • Increasing the production of LH (luteinizing hormone) a compound that stimulates your testes into creating testosterone.
  • Restricting the power of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) can incarcerate testosterone, rendering it ineffective.
  • Boosting the testosterone to estrogen ratio ensuring the male hormone is in control not the fat and male-breast-inducing female hormone.

I can guess what you’re thinking while reading this TestoFuel review there have to be some downsides, right?

Here are the pros and cons:

Pros Of Using TestoFuel

  • Promotes lipolysis (fat loss).
  • Heightens bone density.
  • Elevates energy.
  • Improves erectile quality.
  • Can be purchased over-the-counter without a prescription.
  • Raises libido, stamina and boosts sexual performance.
  • Will not cause side effects.
  • Stimulates muscle growth.

Cons Of Using TestoFuel

  • May lead to an insatiable sexual appetite.
  • It could prove ineffective in severe cases of hypogonadism.
  • Requires dedication to take four pills every single day.

TestoFuel Ingredients

I can disclose in this TestoFuel review that this supplement contains nine potent ingredients all with clinical backing for their testosterone boosting ability.

Here are the main contenders:

Magnesium – 200 Mg (50% Of Daily Value)

Allow me to kick off this TestoFuel review of the ingredients with an immense beast.

Studies show that magnesium boosts testosterone creation. If you’re an active guy the news is even better.

Further research states that these T-elevating powers are heightened when magnesium supplementation is combined with exercise.

Zinc – 10 Mg (67% Of Daily Value)

Not just a monumental testosterone-raising mineral, zinc supplementation also improves sperm fertility and volume.

D-Aspartic Acid – 2300 Mg

This amino acid stimulates the pituitary gland into secreting more LH. In doing so, the testes respond by producing more testosterone.

Asian Red Ginseng – 100 Mg

Reading this TestoFuel review, you’re probably already aware that ginseng is a traditional aphrodisiac.

You may be surprised to know that it possesses the following abilities:

  • Increasing testosterone production.
  • Improving erections through the vasodilating nitric oxide.
  • Heightening fertility.

Fenugreek – 100 Mg

Think of fenugreek as a compound that takes one for the team.

It allows SHBG to imprison it a jail cell that would typically contain testosterone.

Taking up this mantle enables existing testosterone to surge through your veins, boosting strength, libido, and energy.

Oyster Extract – 100 Mg

This TestoFuel review wouldn’t be complete without the most-well known aphrodisiac of all oysters.

In addition to its reputation as a sex food this extract is high in T-boosting zinc and also prevents testosterone from turning into unwanted estrogen.

Other ingredients: vitamins D3, K2, and B6.

What Does TestoFuel Promise?

Enough of the science for a moment in this TestoFuel review what does the manufacturer say about this product?

Roar Ambition, the company behind Testofuel, states that it will:

  1. Build Muscle And Strength

When combined with exercise, TestoFuel stimulates remarkable muscle growth.

This elevates the feeling of masculinity, instilling you with a sense of self-confidence and power. TestoFuel is even recommended by five times Mr. Olympia, Robby Robinson.

  1. Reduces Body Fat

Whether preparing for a beach vacation or just wanting to look defined and phenomenal naked between the sheets dropping the fat is vital.

Testosterone’s ability to promote lipolysis helps you to lose unwanted pounds.

Furthermore, excess pubic fat can surround the base of the penis making it appear small and insignificant. Dropping weight leads to a more majestic-looking member.

  1. Improves Mood

Studies show that testosterone is a mood and focus enhancer.

This can fuel your daily motivation and sex drive while increasing your quality of life.

  1. Escalates Libido

Lack of sex drive is often associated with declining testosterone in later years.

Replenishing your T-stores means you begin to experience the desire you enjoyed in your youth giving both you and your partner(s) pleasure.

TestoFuel Results Timeline

Let me give you an analogy in this TestoFuel review.

Taking this product is akin to following an exercise regime. The more you stick at it, the better the results will be. Drop the supplement, and you’ll lose your gains.

A week on week, you’ll witness more and more improvements. While our own physiologies may make some difference to its speed of action and the order we witness results here’s a typical timeline.

Weeks 1-2: It takes just two weeks to begin to enjoy the energy and mood raising power of TestoFuel. Life appears fun again leaving you determined to face the challenges of a 21st-century guy.

Weeks 3-4: If it’s libido enhancement that you’re chasing this kicks in around week four. Yet, don’t think it will plateau out. As every month passes, you’ll enjoy greater and greater lust.

Weeks 5-6: Those tight pants now have more room around the waist as your abdominal fat begins to fall off.

Weeks 7-8: Two months in, and your sexual beast is reawakened. Not only is your sex drive now insatiable, but you’re also welcoming solid erections and heightened climax pleasure.

Week 9-10: If you’re remaining active you see incredible muscle growth that you cannot achieve through diet and training alone.

Is TestoFuel Safe To Use?

As with all supplements follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

It’s crucial to stress this factor in this TestoFuel review as even the seemingly innocuous vitamin B6 can cause neurological and movement issues when taken to excess.

The label states that you should consume four capsules per day.

Personally, I’d suggest that you should avoid alcohol wherever possible when using TestoFuel. While not dangerous, it may reduce its efficacy and not provide you with the elevated sex drive you’re chasing.

TestoFuel Side Effects

So long as you follow my advice above in this TestoFuel review, and follow the manufacturers’ guidelines it’s unlikely you will suffer any side effects.

The natural ingredients in TestoFuel work in conjunction with male physiology not against it.

Where adverse health issues occur, it seems that this is down more to individual tolerances and allergies than risky ingredients.

The only downers that users have experienced are:

  • Nausea.
  • Headaches.
  • Stomach upsets.
  • Diarrhea.

TestoFuel Complaints

For a balanced TestoFuel review, I have to approach the subject of negative comments.

Fortunately, they’re uncommon.

Where there has been criticism it’s mainly centered on the fact that four pills need to be taken per day and that they’re a little difficult for some guys to swallow.

However, genuine customer testimonials expound on the immense power of TestoFuel.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

“It’s a natural mood enhancer both in the bedroom and weight room. Age is just a number, thanks to TestoFuel. Every day is a good day, thanks to TestoFuel up. I love my new body and self-confidence.” -Ian.

“I was much more active…able to keep going to the gym again and again. I was able to see some amazing results within a week, and I’m feeling amazing. I’ve dropped 3.5 inches off my waist and got stronger. I can walk on the beach in the summer with my shirt off.” -Cyrus.

“Being middle-aged, I was overweight, out of shape, lacking energy, and not happy with the way I looked. Within a few weeks of using TestoFuel, I could feel the difference. More energy and a lot more motivation. I look and feel great, and I’ve got my confidence back.” -Paul.


How Does Taking TestoFuel Feel?

As I mentioned earlier in this TestoFuel review, my libido was at an all-time low.

This supplement kick-started my return to awesomeness.

It wasn’t long after starting with TestoFuel that I was waking in the mornings with boundless energy. I felt as if I’d chugged back four espressos but without nausea or headaches.

To be honest I was so low before that; even this was like manna from heaven.

But then, the libido reappeared.

I was feeling like a sexualized animal throughout the day wanting to get home from work to service my partner as soon as possible. On occasions, I felt that I needed to knock a couple out in the office restroom just to allay my insatiable desire.

TestoFuel reignited my spark-plugs of sexual thirst.

TestoFuel Packaging And Pricing

The big question in this TestoFuel review, how much does it cost?

One month’s supply $65.00

Two months’ supply $130.00

Three months’ supply $195.00 (plus one extra month supply free)

Buddy, take the three months’ supply it’s a no-brainer.

This saves you $65.00 meaning that you don’t have to reorder every four weeks, and you’re never going to be without TestoFuel.

Where To Buy TestoFuel?

An invaluable piece of advice now in this TestoFuel review, always purchase this supplement from the official TestoFuel website.

Follow this tip, and you can reap the benefits of:

  • Getting your hands on a 100-percent genuine T-booster, not a cheap copy or placebo version.
  • Enjoying free shipping to the USA and UK, delivery times vary on the destination country.
  • Being able to obtain TestoFuel worldwide (although a small number of countries are excluded, check the official website).
  • Having peace of mind with the 90-day return policy.


Alternative Products

The customer testimonials, science, and personal experience in this TestoFuel review testament to its efficacy.

Yet, other similar testosterone boosters are on the market. How does TestoFuel compare to the big boys?

Read My Review: Testogen

One of the most respected supplements currently available. Its 11-ingredient formulation includes the mighty testosterone raising d-aspartic acid, boron and zinc.

However, with lower doses of fenugreek and ginseng than TestoFuel, its potency is limited.


  • Proven T-enhancing compounds.
  • Made by the respected Wolfson Berg nutritionists.
  • Requires less of your hard-earned dollars than TestoFuel.
  • Formulated for the everyman.


  • Underdosed in some compounds.
  • Lacks oyster extract found in TestoFuel.
  • Some users wait a long time for delivery.

Read My Review: Testo Max

If you’re a keen bodybuilder, this could be the ideal supplement. The makers, CrazyBulk have put together a testosterone booster particularly angled at those looking to gain muscle mass.

With eleven ingredients, including the SHBG restricting nettle leaf, it’s a solid formula.


  • Designed for weightlifters.
  • Can be stacked in a cycle with other CrazyBulk products.
  • Easier on the wallet than TestoFuel.


  • Lacks the erection-enhancing oyster extract included in TestoFuel.
  • Short 14-day return policy.
  • Not angled towards the Average Joe.

TestoFuel Reviews Conclusion

Feeling my libido disappear to the point of being non-existent was a scary situation. Not only was I feeling demasculinized, it was leading me into depression.

TestoFuel stirred my sleeping loins, gradually turning me from a lethargic layabout into a sex-demanding stud. And I love it.

Don’t allow your declining T-levels to ruin your life, take action.

Use TestoFuel, in my opinion, the best testosterone booster on the market. This is due to its power-packed formula and sizeable bulk deals.

That sleeping member between your legs deserves to get to work, so head over to the TestoFuel website and stir it into action.