The Blueprint to Mass – Full Body Workout Plan For Muscle Growth 2021

Full Body Workout

The main goal for every one of us going to the gym is to build muscle and get in the best shape we can, old school bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others were following a certain training plan that still brings the best results for people trying to gain mass and size, and this is “The Blueprint to Mass“. The Blueprint to Mass is the simple training plan that exists on the internet that has the best results you can get from any other workout program. In today’s article, I will just give you The Blueprint to Mass for …

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Bodybuilding Has Much To Offer An Overweight World!


From life lessons to disease prevention, in the purest sense, we carry what may be the last guiding light, There are two sides to every coin, a yin for every yang, and I’m here to shed a positive light on bodybuilding. Bodybuilding, Beyond Building Muscle I can’t count high enough to tell you the times I didn’t want to do something in life. This includes going to the gym some days; I just feel like the answer is no. But no means yes. Some of my most memorable was from days when it took everything I had to make it …

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How To Lose Butt Fat – 7 Effective Gym Exercises

lose that fat butt

So you’re trying to find some gym exercises that will help you Lose Butt Fat. You came to the right place! 7 Gym Exercises That Will Help Lose Butt Fat These are some exercises that you can do at the gym to lose butt fat. Some of them are cardio related, others are resistance exercises that will develop the butt muscles and thus help in fat burning. 1. Bike riding The good old exercise bike. New scientific studies have shown that riding an exercise bike in a certain fashion can actually help to lose butt fat. We never thought it was …

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Ectomorph Workout Plan For Skinny Guys


If you’re skinny and an ectomorph, then it’s natural that you’ll want to get bigger. It is not an easy task; in fact, it can be tough. It can also be fun and fulfilling. You have to know what to do and what not to do, this is why I am giving this ectomorph workout plan for you. I will layout some of the basics of weight training as a beginner and what you should do and look out for. This is just a general guideline you’ll find in this ectomorph workout plan, but a lot of people don’t know …

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Improve Your Workout With Enhanced Muscle Protein Synthesis

Muscle protein synthesis

Have you been working hard at your BOX? I bet you’re continually looking for ways to increase strength and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Because intense workouts are nothing new to the Crossfit crowd and elite bodybuilders. If you’re like most, you’re always looking for a little help to push you through your grueling workouts. The key to success on your upcoming workout starts immediately following your last workout. I’m not just talking about recovery, although that’s extremely important, but we need to consider the building of stronger muscle and the body’s ability to prepare for the next intense exercise session. …

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Building Muscle 24 Hours Per Day In 2020! Is That Possible?

muscle building

Hi Guys, I’ve been getting involved in some of the discussions on fitness and bodybuilding forums since 15 years ago. One of the things that comes up more often than not is the question of what to have before bed to keep the “Anabolic Drive” going all night. Well, to be quite honest, there isn’t anything that is going to last the 8-10 hours you’re asleep. It only takes roughly 4 hours for your body to slip into a post-absorptive (catabolic) state. I believe that I’ve come up with a simple technique that is not only effective and potent but …

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Spark New Growth Strength Training Program!

absolute strength

Try something different this year that will sustain your interest until you master it. The following workout is great for absolute strength, power, and it might spark some new muscular growth. The Best 9 Exercises To Explode Your Absolute Strength Behind the Neck Power Jerk/Split Style Jerk The first two reps are Power Jerks while the third rep is a Split Style Jerk. Begin the exercise by holding the bar behind the neck while the arms support the bar with a wide grip. Now, dip in the knees 4-6 inches while the back remains relatively straight. The back of the …

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How Diet And Exercise Can Alter Your Metabolism

Diet And Exercise

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) can justifiably claim 60% to 75% of our Total Energy Expenditure (TEE). Simply put, TEE, is the total amount of energy that we expend throughout an entire day. Digestion and absorption of food are called the Thermogenic Effect of Feeding (TEF) and accounts for 5% to 10% of our TEE. Energy expended via physical activity is called the Thermogenic Effect of Activity (TEA), which comprises roughly 20% to 30% of our TEE. Body Surface Area (BSA) is a major determinant of RMR, however, voluntary behaviors such as diet and exercise influence RMR in a positive manner. …

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Intelligent Training: How To Train Intelligently!

Intelligent training

When I began Bodybuilding my chest was 38″ and arms 111/2″ but now? Chest 421/2″ and arms 14″. I got this huge gain using what I call “Intelli-Training” or Intelligent Training. You’ve probably come across hundreds of training articles and tips which leave you nowhere after you have read and implemented them. The fact is they are effective; every training method prescribed is effective. Well, they have been so, for the person who prescribed it to you! Then why don’t they work on you? Well, you need to understand that bodybuilding is more of an art than of science. Science …

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How To Gain 10 Pounds In Just 30 Days?

How To Gain 10 Pounds In Just 30 Days

Gaining 10 pounds in 30 days is a toughie, tough but not impossible. For a hardgainer, 10 pounds is something they can only fantasize about – well wake up because your fantasy is about to become reality. Before you go giddy with excitement realize the truth, this will be hard and you’ll have to ensure you do everything right for the entire forty-three thousand two hundred minutes that comprise your thirty days of physical transformation. Obviously the results you will see from the following recommendations will vary depending on factors such as training age, genetics, how hard you push yourself …

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